World Industrial Design Day Sat 29th, Jun 2024

World Industrial Design Day Sat 29th, Jun 2024

World Industrial Design Day 2024:

On Sat, 29th Jun 2024, the world will come together to celebrate the transformative power of industrial design during the World Industrial Design Day 2024. This annual event highlights the critical role industrial design plays in shaping industries and societies by enhancing the functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability of products, systems, and services.

Empowering Industries

Industrial design plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and competitiveness within industries. Designers collaborate with engineers, manufacturers, and businesses to create products that meet the needs of consumers while adhering to ethical, environmental, and safety standards. By integrating design thinking into their processes, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors, enhance user experience, and improve overall performance.

Transforming Societies

The impact of industrial design extends far beyond individual products. It influences societal trends, cultural norms, and the way we interact with technology. Designers work to create solutions that address social challenges, promote inclusivity, and enhance the human experience. For instance, designs for accessible products enable people with disabilities to live more independently. Sustainable design strategies contribute to reducing waste and conserving natural resources. Through their creations, designers shape the future of our world.

Join the Celebration

Everyone is invited to participate in World Industrial Design Day 202The event features various activities, including workshops, conferences, exhibitions, and design challenges. Individuals, organizations, and educational institutions can showcase their innovative designs, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and learn from industry experts. Let us come together to celebrate the power of design and its potential to transform industries and societies!

World Industrial Design Day (WIDD): A Parallel Event to Celebrate Creativity and Innovation

I. Introduction

World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) is an annual international event that celebrates the role of industrial design in enhancing the quality of life and driving economic growth. First initiated in 2013 by link, WIDD has since become a parallel platform for showcasing the latest designs and trends, fostering collaboration among designers, and inspiring future generations. This day is an opportunity for designers, businesses, academia, and governments to come together and recognize the vital role that good design plays in shaping our world.

Brief Overview of WIDD

The history and purpose of WIDD reach back to a time when industrial design was merely an emerging discipline. Today, however, industrial design is a critical component of the economy and society.

History and Purpose of WIDD

Since its inception, WIDD has grown to become an essential platform for recognizing the value of industrial design. The day is dedicated to fostering creativity, encouraging innovation, and promoting the positive impact of good design on people’s lives.

Importance and Relevance of Industrial Design in Today’s World

Industrial design is an essential tool that helps shape the world we live in. It influences our daily experiences through the products, services, and systems we interact with. By celebrating industrial design on WIDD, we acknowledge its impact on economic development, environmental sustainability, and social well-being.

Welcoming Remarks from the Event Organizers

We extend a warm welcome to all participants, guests, and attendees of World Industrial Design Day 202This year’s event promises to be an inspiring and enlightening experience that will ignite your creativity and expand your horizons.

Introduction to the Theme of WIDD 2024

“Designing for Sustainability: Balancing Aesthetics and the Environment” is the theme of World Industrial Design Day 202This theme reflects our collective commitment to creating sustainable designs that meet the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sat, 29th Jun 2024

Keynote Speeches

The 29th of June, 2024, is a day marked for inspiring conversations and thought-provoking insights at the annual Industrial Design Conference. The keynote speeches are a highlight of the event, featuring renowned industrial designers, industry leaders, and public figures.

Opening Keynote: Insights from a Renowned Industrial Designer or Thought Leader

The opening keynote speech is delivered by a renowned industrial designer or thought leader. This session offers valuable insights into the current state and future direction of industrial design, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s latest trends and advancements. Furthermore, reflections on the impact of industrial design on industries and societies offer a broader perspective, inspiring attendees to consider the role and significance of design beyond the confines of their professional sphere.

Keynote: Industry Leader or Business Executive

Following the opening keynote is a keynote speech by an industry leader or business executive. This session showcases a case study of how industrial design has driven innovation and growth in their organization, offering attendees an inside look into the business world’s successful application of design principles. Additionally, the speaker provides a perspective on the role of industrial designers in shaping business strategies and products, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between design and commercial success.

Keynote: Public Figure or Thought Leader Outside the Design World

The final keynote speech is delivered by a public figure or thought leader outside the design world. In this session, attendees hear a personal story on how industrial design has influenced their life, work, or community, providing unique and diverse perspectives on the importance of design. Furthermore, the speaker issues a call to action for audiences to embrace the power of design in their own lives and careers, inspiring them to view design not only as a professional pursuit but as a personal passion.

World Industrial Design Day Sat 29th, Jun 2024

Sat, 29th Jun 2024

Panel Discussions

Panel 1: Industrial Design and Sustainability

Expert panelists: will gather to discuss the vital role of industrial design in creating sustainable products, services, and systems. They will share insights on best practices, challenges, and opportunities for designing for sustainability. By fostering a deeper understanding of how design can contribute to a more sustainable future, this panel aims to inspire and educate attendees.

Panel 2: Industrial Design and Technology

Expert panelists: will share their latest trends and innovations in industrial design, which are driven by technology. The panelists will discuss how designers can leverage emerging technologies to create meaningful, user-centered solutions. This session will showcase groundbreaking design concepts that push the boundaries of what is possible and provide valuable insights into the future of industrial design.

Panel 3: Industrial Design and Society

Expert panelists: will explore how industrial design can positively impact various aspects of society, such as




, and


. They will discuss the challenges and opportunities for using design to address social issues. Through this panel, attendees will learn how industrial design can be a powerful tool for creating positive change in society and improving the lives of individuals around the world.

World Industrial Design Day Sat 29th, Jun 2024

Sat 29th, Jun 2024

Workshops and Breakout Sessions

Workshop 1: Design Thinking for Business Innovation

Introduction to design thinking methodology and its benefits for businesses: In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the design thinking methodology and how it can benefit their businesses. Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that focuses on empathy, creativity, and user experience to develop innovative solutions.
Interactive session where participants practice designing solutions using the design thinking process: Through a series of exercises, participants will apply design thinking to real-world business challenges and learn how to empathize with users, define problems, ideate solutions, prototype, and test their ideas.

Workshop 2: Designing for Sustainability

Overview of sustainable design principles and practices: This workshop will provide an overview of sustainable design principles and practices, including the importance of reducing waste, using eco-friendly materials, and designing for longevity. Participants will learn how sustainable design can benefit both the environment and their businesses.
Hands-on session where participants work on creating a sustainable product or service concept: Participants will apply their knowledge of sustainable design to create a new product or service concept that incorporates eco-friendly practices and reduces waste.

Breakout Session 1: Collaborative Design and Co-creation

Presentation on the importance of collaborative design and co-creation in creating innovative solutions: In this session, participants will learn about the importance of collaborative design and co-creation in developing innovative solutions to complex challenges. The benefits of working together will be discussed, including the ability to bring diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences to the table.
Small group activities where participants work together to design a solution for a real-world challenge: Participants will be divided into small groups and asked to collaboratively design a solution to a real-world challenge using the design thinking process.

Breakout Session 2: Industrial Design and Accessibility

Discussion on the role of industrial design in creating accessible products, services, and environments for people with disabilities: This session will discuss the importance of industrial design in creating accessible products, services, and environments for people with disabilities. Participants will learn about the principles of universal design and how to apply them to their work.
Interactive session where participants brainstorm and prototype solutions to improve accessibility in everyday life: Participants will work together to brainstorm and prototype solutions to improve accessibility in everyday life, focusing on how industrial design can make a difference.

World Industrial Design Day Sat 29th, Jun 2024

Sat, 29th Jun 2024

Exhibitions and Showcases

This date marks a significant event in the industrial design world: an international industrial design competition finale. The much-anticipated exhibition and showcase will be held where designers from all corners of the globe come together to display their groundbreaking creations.

Display of Winning Entries

The highlight of the event is the showcase of winning entries from various categories, including transportation design, consumer products, and architectural design. These designs represent the epitome of innovation, functionality, and aesthetics in their respective fields.


Transportation design entries showcase vehicles and transportation systems that aim to revolutionize the way we travel. From electric cars with sleek designs to innovative public transport solutions, these designs promise a future of sustainable and efficient mobility.

Consumer Products

Consumer product designs encompass a wide range of daily-use items, from electronics and appliances to furniture and household goods. These entries demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to form and function, with each design striving to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Architectural Design

Architectural design entries challenge the status quo, presenting new and innovative structures that redefine the way we live and interact with our environment. From eco-friendly buildings to futuristic urban designs, these entries offer a glimpse into an exciting future.

Exhibition of Student Projects

The event also features an exhibition of student projects from leading design schools around the world. This provides attendees with a rare opportunity to witness the innovative and thought-provoking designs of future industrial designers.

Display of Student Projects by Future Industrial Designers

These student projects not only offer a glimpse into the next generation of industrial design but also provide valuable insights into emerging trends and techniques. Attendees can engage with these future designers, offering invaluable feedback and advice that may shape their careers.

Showcase of Design Solutions Addressing Real-World Challenges

Last but not least, the exhibition and showcase feature design solutions addressing real-world challenges, such as climate change or accessibility. These designs offer tangible solutions to pressing issues, demonstrating the transformative power of industrial design in shaping our world for the better.

Engaging with Design Solutions and Providing Feedback

Attendees are encouraged to engage with these design solutions, providing valuable feedback that may contribute to their further development or implementation. This not only fosters a collaborative and innovative environment but also offers attendees the unique opportunity to make a tangible impact on the future of industrial design.

World Industrial Design Day Sat 29th, Jun 2024

VI. Networking and Social Events

Evening networking event for attendees, sponsors, and partners

Saturday, 29th of June, 2024, offers an excellent opportunity for attendees, sponsors, and partners to engage in meaningful conversations and build relationships within the industrial design community. The evening networking event is meticulously designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation. This unique platform allows industry professionals to expand their networks, discover new partnerships, and explore potential business opportunities.

Opportunities to build relationships and collaborations

Participants can look forward to engaging in productive discussions with like-minded individuals, sharing ideas, and exchanging knowledge. The networking event provides an inclusive space where attendees can learn from each other’s experiences and gain valuable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in industrial design.

Cultural activities and experiences to showcase the host city’s unique heritage and creativity

To further enrich the networking experience, the event incorporates a diverse range of cultural activities and experiences that reflect the host city’s unique heritage and creativity.


Guests are invited to enjoy captivating performances by local artists, showcasing the city’s vibrant artistic scene. These performances may include traditional music, dance, poetry readings, or live art demonstrations that capture the essence of the host city’s cultural identity.


Participants can take part in guided tours of significant landmarks, museums, and galleries that highlight the city’s design traditions and innovations. These tours offer attendees a deeper understanding of the host city’s history, architecture, and design ethos.


Interactive workshops led by local experts provide opportunities for attendees to learn new skills, techniques, and design approaches. These sessions offer valuable hands-on experiences that enable participants to expand their knowledge and enhance their professional capabilities.

World Industrial Design Day Sat 29th, Jun 2024

Closing Remarks and Call to Action

Recap of the Key Takeaways

During the past few days, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing an inspiring gathering of industrial design professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts from all corners of the world. The insightful presentations, engaging workshops, and thought-provoking discussions have left us with a wealth of knowledge and new perspectives on the role industrial design plays in creating a better and more sustainable future. Some key takeaways from this year’s World Industrial Design Day include:

  • Designing for inclusivity and accessibility is vital in our increasingly diverse world.
  • Sustainability must be a priority in every design decision, from material selection to production processes.
  • Embracing technology and digital tools can help us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our design practices.

Call to Action: Engage, Promote, and Create

As we bring this year’s event to a close, we encourage each of you to continue engaging with and promoting industrial design in your personal and professional lives. By sharing your knowledge and experiences with others, collaborating on projects, and advocating for the importance of good design, we can make a real impact on the world around us.

Save the Date: World Industrial Design Day 2025

In preparation for the next installment of this exciting event, mark your calendars for World Industrial Design Day 2025, which will be held on Saturday, 30th of August. Stay tuned for more details about the date, location, and theme as they become available.

Closing Remarks from the Organizers

On behalf of the entire World Industrial Design Day team, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated in this year’s event. Your passion, creativity, and commitment to the field of industrial design have truly made this a memorable experience. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to our valued sponsors and partners for their ongoing support. Your contributions have been instrumental in making this event a success, and we look forward to continuing our collaborations with you in the future. Thank you once again for being a part of the World Industrial Design Day community. Until next time!