What is Spotify Song Psychic and How to Use It

What is Spotify Song Psychic and How to Use It - Apps - News

Songs can help you answer some of life’s toughest questions and even keep you afloat. But what if it could also answer questions, like “What should I have for lunch?” or “Should I go to clown school?” That is now possible with Spotify’s latest interactive experience called Song Psychic. The feature is designed to guide you through life’s “little mysteries” with the help of cosmic guidance and music. Interested? Here is a guide to tell you more about Song Psychic and how to use it on Spotify.

Song Psychic is an in-app interactive experience where you can ask pre-selected questions. These can be about your life, something trivial, or just random stuff. It will be answered in the form of a song suggestion. Spotify , and it’s available for both free and Premium plan subscribers.

What makes it interesting is the retro psychedelic crystal ball-style animation and sound that will surely remind you of the old Scooby-Doo cartoon. It is a fun way to pass some time if you feel silly. But it goes without saying not to take any of its suggestions seriously.

According to the , “Spotify listeners have created nearly 250,000 psychic-related playlists globally on Spotify.” This seems to be the inspiration for this feature.

Song Psychic should pop up randomly when you open the Spotify app. But if you haven’t been fortunate enough, here are the steps to find and use it.

In my honest opinion, I think it is just a goofy feature that I would probably try out with my friends once and then forget about it completely. But I know this and features like have their audience on the platform who enjoy these additions. Even though I am not a fan of it, I will still say that it was a fresh experience, and you should try it out if you have some time to kill.

Go ahead and ask Spotify the questions that have been boggling your mind. And share with us which songs were recommended to you in the comments below.