PS5 Pro to Include the Same CPU with Small Speed Boost: Report

PS5 Pro to Include the Same CPU with Small Speed Boost: Report - News - News

It seems we are getting closer to the highly anticipated PS5 Pro as more spec leaks come forward. Earlier, YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead revealed a confidential technical overview of the PS5 Pro. It showcased the graphical performance overview. Later, Tom Henderson confirmed this to be real as he also revealed the sequel of PS5 will be coming in holiday 2024. Here are more expected specs of PS5 Pro, according to .

Earlier, the GPU . In the earlier reveal, we got an overview of the performance of GPU and graphics on the PS5 Pro. Here is a brief:

In addition to the old GPU and graphics reveals for the PS5 Pro, we also learn that the Pro edition will have 30 WGPs running specialized BVH8 traversal shaders. The standard PS5 has 18 WGPs running BVH4 traversal shaders.

With these new details, it seems we are not far away from the console’s official announcement. However, as of now, these are all rumors and expected features. If we go by the rumors, the PlayStation 5 Pro runs on SKD 9.00. So, as the SKD 10.00 is expected in Fall 2024, it will target the console’s current target release date.

Do you think PS5 Pro will come with the same CPU? What are the other specs reveal of PS5 Pro that excite you? Tell us in the comments.