One Piece Chapter 1110: Gorosei’s True Demonic Forms Revealed!

One Piece Chapter 1110: Gorosei’s True Demonic Forms Revealed! - Anime - News

The Egghead Island arc keeps one-upping its own scenarios with each new chapter. The previous chapter revealed that the on the island. Now, with the release of the new manga chapter, the Gorosei has made its grand entrance, and Oda sensei hasn’t held back. He has revealed the true demonic forms of all the five Elders to the readers, and they look terrifying. With all the Gorosei at Egghead Island in Chapter 1110, they are rushing to stop Dr. Vegapunk’s message from reaching the world. That said, let’s not waste time and talk about the Yōkai form of the Five Elders, which has been hidden behind a veil for a long time.

In chapter 1109, magical black circles and dark fumes emerged on the battlefield, teasing the arrival of the remaining Gorosei to lend a hand to the enraged . From that moment, we knew the Five Elders arriving and stealing the show was imminent. In chapter 1110, this turned true, with all the remaining elders spawning alongside Saturn.

In the initial panels of the chapter, we were first teased with giant silhouettes of the remaining Gorosei yet again. But, their titles along with a glimpse of their devil form were revealed soon after. Then, Oda dropped one of the best double spreads we have seen in a while, featuring all the Five Elders in their full-fledged Yōkai forms.

Just like form, our eyes popped out witnessing the malevolent devilish forms of all the elders for the first time. But I’m not going to lie, Oda sensei definitely cooked with the demonic designs of the Gorosei.

When Saturn’s devil figure was first revealed, several fans (including me) believed that it was the result of his devil fruit awakening. However, seeing the complete panel in chapter 1110, and Oda’s way of naming their forms (in reference to Japanese folklore) is making me inclined towards the option where I think they are the demons living in this realm.

If Oda wants to introduce a new devil fruit user, he always goes by mentioning the in the information box in the manga. However, in the case of the Five Elders, Oda only mentioned the names of their devil forms, which is suspicious, don’t you think? So, we are leaning toward the fact that it’s their yōkai names.

As revealed in chapter 1110, here are the Yokai names for the Five Elders in One Piece:

Anyway, with the demons descending to Egghead and already starting to fight the Straw Hat Pirates, it’s going to be a scary ride for Luffy and his nakama to safely escape from their grasp along with the giants. Yes, Broggy and Dorry have met with the Straw Hats, and Luffy was ecstatic to meet his old friends in this chapters.

Three out of the four new arrivals have already showcased their creepiest powers. Egghead’s climax is about to turn into a nightmare with the advent of the Gorosei. That said, what do you think about the yōkai appearance and powers of the Five Elder planets? Let us know in the comments below.