Genshin Impact Alchemy Event Guide: All Potion Recipes and Market News List

Genshin Impact Alchemy Event Guide: All Potion Recipes and Market News List - Gaming - News

Genshin Impact is currently in the first phase of its 4.5 update, which introduced . The staple event of 4.5 is the Alchemical Ascension event, where the Traveler and Paimon will have to control a Potion shop. The potion event in Genshin Impact 4.5 is much trickier than it seems, and many players are having trouble finishing it. So, here is a complete guide to the Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension event in version 4.5.

Starting the Alchemical Ascension event is pretty simple. All players need to do is open the Events Overview panel and click on the Alchemical Ascension event. Next, players need to navigate to the Favonius Headquarters and enter the Library to talk to Lisa. Now, Lisa will explain the situation and ask you to head to the Potion shop area. Players can directly teleport to the event location and then easily start the event.

The Alchemical Ascension event is separated into cycles. Currently, the event has unlocked up to 32 cycles, and it will continue to unlock more every day until the event ends.

There are three main things when it comes to Potions — Ingredients, Efficacy, and Characteristics. Ingredients are the plants or herbs you need to create Potions. Efficacy is the type of potion, that includes Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Balanced, Constitution, or Charisma.

Each potion also has a characteristic — Endurance, Warm, Steadying, Fragrant, Relaxing, Perception, Strengthening, Focus, Healing or Technique.

Now, during the different cycles, players will be able to check the Market News board to see the Potion requirements, or Potion that will sell well, during that cycle. Once players have identified the properties of the required potion in the Market news, then they can move to create potions.

Players will need to open the Cauldron and place the different Ingredients in it to create the Potion with specific efficacy and characteristics. Ingredients all have an efficacy type, and using the majority of an ingredient in the Cauldron will create a potion with that efficacy.

Create potions by mixing and matching the different ingredients and then stock them in the shop. Next, you can end the cycle and see the profit you made with the potions. Continue making decisions based on the potions that are selling well and those that are selling badly. Check the Market News with each cycle to know what potion you need to create to get the maximum profit.

Market News is information about the Potions that are going to sell the most in every specific cycle. Players will get new Market news delivered to them every cycle. The Market News is the same for everyone until the 10th cycle. From the 11th Cycle, players get different market news, but it will be limited to the ones we have provided below. Creating potions based on the Market News will maximize your Profit, and easily allow you to finish the game.

Occasionally players will come across characters who they are familiar with in the game and these characters will have special requests or give specific tasks to the traveler. Here is a complete guide for the Special Customers:

The Alchemical Ascension event is stacked with rewards. Players can get the following rewards for completing the Alchemical Ascension event: