5 Fastest Boats in Roblox Blox Fruits

5 Fastest Boats in Roblox Blox Fruits - Gaming - News

Whether you’re hunting down the toughest raid bosses or gathering valuable resources, sailing the seas is a big part of Blox Fruits. Having a super-fast boat is key to making the most of your time at sea. Fortunately, we also needed a fast vessel, so we decided to help you out too. So, without further ado, let’s identify the fastest boats in Blox Fruits so you can begin your seafaring journey.

Sentinels, formerly known as the Enforcer, is the fastest ship in Roblox Blox Fruits. It costs 1000 beli but requires a Fast Boats Game Pass. You can also spend 350 Robux to obtain this beast of a boat. Despite being good for sea beast hunting, the cost is quite high.

While it boasts five seats, consider flight moves or water-walking for a more cost-effective travel option. These might be a better fit unless you’re specifically after the majestic high-seas experience! Sentinels is slightly faster than the next one on our list, so if cost is an issue, go for that.

The next one on our list is Miracle, a fast boat in Blox Fruits with two seats and impressive speed. It is also the second fastest boat in Roblox Blox Fruits. If you have the Fast Boats Game Pass, you can get the Miracle boat for free! Once you have the Fast Boats Game Pass, you can get it from the Luxury Boat Dealer.

The Miracle boat in Blox Fruits also flies! So, soar above the waves when you’re out at sea and skim over the rocks around. This unique ability and its small size make dodging cannonballs in Ship Raids much easier. If you are spending on the Fast Boasts Game Pass, Miracle will be the best option.

With an average speed of ~1000 meters per minute, Sleigh is a limited-time boat in Blox Fruits. You unlock it for 1000 candy during the Christmas Event from Santa Claws. Then go to the Luxury Boat Dealer and spawn it for 5000 beli.

Despite such high costs, it is the third fastest boat in Roblox Blox Fruits. It also has only 1000 HP and no canon to attack during ship raids. The good part is you will not need the Fast Boats Game Pass to obtain the Sleigh boat. So, if you want one of the fastest boats in Blox Fruits that sits somewhere in the middle, go for this.

Lantern is a decently fast boat in Blox Fruits. It is the only vessel you can unlock by using fragments. You can go to the Cyborg NPC and use 1500 fragments to unlock it. Spawn it using 5000 beli from the Luxury Boat Dealer.

Lantern is good for clearing enemy raids as it comes with 2500 HP and four cannons. It also runs at a decent speed while being such a tanky beast. Geared more towards action, this is one of the fastest boat in Blox Fruits.

We end our list of the fastest boats a little differently. Guardian, formerly the Swan Ship, is a good ship in terms of overall performance. But in the list of fastest ships, it falls really short. It is considered one of the slowest boats in the entire game.

However, it is one of the easiest boats to obtain as you will defeat and unlock Don Swan. So, if you can sacrifice speed for sheer convenience, get the Guardian in Roblox Blox Fruits.

These were the fastest boats in Blox Fruits. Which one do you think is the fastest? Share your opinion in the comments down below!