This Redstone Genius Made an Epic Fireworks Display in Minecraft

This Redstone Genius Made an Epic Fireworks Display in Minecraft - News - News

There are lots of incredible redstone machines and contraptions that you can make inside Minecraft. Some are functional , while others just do cool things. Well, while scrolling through Reddit, we recently stumbled upon one of the most epic display redstone contraptions ever made.

Redditor recently shared their unbelievable redstone machine with the world. It’s a fireworks display consisting of beautiful colors and a simple but adorable animation. The display is visible on a flat wall made of trapdoors. The animations show a “firework” traveling high in the sky where it explodes creating a magical display.

The crazy part is that it doesn’t even utilize fireworks. Instead, this amazing effect is achieved with beams, , trapdoors, , and more . The stained glass changes the color of beacon beams, so that’s why there are lots of different colors present. See it in action right here:

Numerous smart systems make up this machine. From super-fast stained glass switching feature and leaves changing state to clever utilization of beacon beams color changing and skipping, as well as 0-tick delays. There are also two different color sequences the display cycles between.

If you’re playing on Minecraft Java and would like to make an unforgettable redstone masterpiece, now you know where to get inspiration from. This is one of the coolest Redstone builds I have ever seen and I hope the creator will make a tutorial of some sort, as I’m not that skillful to replicate the whole thing. However, if you are, go ahead and make this fireworks display in your Minecraft world right now.