You Can Now See Which Apps are Available for Vision Pro Before Spending $3500

You Can Now See Which Apps are Available for Vision Pro Before Spending $3500 - News - News

Apple launched a new way for users to see what apps are available for the mixed-reality headset. The visionOS App Store is now available on the web, and it includes curated collections, the latest stories, Hot This Week, and a category-wise app list.

As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple now has a dedicated “ that lists out all the details about the visionOS apps. You can browse through new apps and specially curated categories. Also, you can find , iPhone and , and iOS & iPadOS apps that can be used on the Vision Pro.

You can also see a rundown of apps organized as What’s New, Hot This Week, Try Now, and Don’t Miss. Apart from this, you can also check out apps by type. Apple has organized apps under options like Entertainment, Weather, Sports, Utility, Productivity, and more.

Apple has also highlighted some of the newest app additions to the Vision Pro App Store. Here are some of the latest Vision Pro apps that Apple mentions:

While visionOS apps were already listed on the App Store Website, there was no way to browse through all the content if you didn’t have the headset. Well, this is definitely a useful addition from Apple. It offers Vision Pro users a new way to keep an eye on the new apps. Also, people who don’t have this mixed-reality headset can check out the available . If you’re planning to make a purchase, this Website will help you make a decision, showing what’s for you in the Vision Pro App Store.