Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Player Found the Weirdest Village Ever

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Player Found the Weirdest Village Ever - News - News

If you’ve ever come across a small or a small generated structure, and well, felt disappointed about it, then you can’t imagine how this player must have felt when they stumbled upon this weird village.

When you think about a , you probably think of small houses, , , a well, , animal pens, paths, and things like of that sort. However, the village we see here is far from it.

The reason why this village is so special is because it contains pretty much only one distinctive feature — a road. Yeah, that’s right. This weird Minecraft village has only path blocks leading to absolutely nowhere.

Imagine spotting a road from afar and getting excited about the possible trades and loot. However, when you get close, the realization hits that you are left with just some path blocks. Well, isn’t that inconvenient?

The discovery was made by a Redditor named recently. They play Minecraft on the Xbox 360 edition (TU69-75). This is the only edition you can find this silly village on. In case you’re wondering, this is the world seed – 14880744008722756659.

I’ve played Minecraft for a while and have stumbled upon crazy terrain and structure generations before, but this weird village might be the biggest troll that exists in the keyboards. With that, are you going to try to find this village on your Xbox 360? If you are, don’t forget to share what you’ll do with it in the comment section below.