5 Deadpool Weaknesses You Didn’t Know About

5 Deadpool Weaknesses You Didn’t Know About - Entertainment - News

When it comes to Deadpool, he has a reputation for being practically unkillable because of his extreme regenerative abilities and certain . However, being unkillable does not mean that Deadpool does not have any weaknesses. Yes, Deadpool has some rather weird and pretty slick weaknesses that can be used to potentially immobilize him. So, in this article, let’s find out about the top 5 weaknesses of Deadpool which might come in handy for your next standoff with him.

Deadpool has the image of being impossible to kill. However, certain weaknesses can be utilized to kill Deadpool. A fairly unknown fact about Deadpool is that he is weak when in contact with heavy Gamma radiation. Prolonged exposure to Gamma radiation significantly reduces Deadpool’s regenerative abilities, making him easier to take down.

One of the weirdest weaknesses of Deadpool is cows, yes you read that right, Deadpool suffers from serious Bovinophobia, that is, a fear of cows. Throughout comic books, Deadpool has made his fear fairly evident by saying “They scare the *#$% outta me”. According to Deadpool, cows have a blood-curdling death stare and appear to be soulless creatures waiting for the right opportunity to execute their evil plans.

Probably the only weapon that can put Deadpool to rest for good is the Muramasa Blade. The Muramasa Blade was forged by the legendary and immortal swordsman named Muramasa. He created it for Wolverine using his blood, soul, and rage fused in the metal of the blade.

The reason why this blade is an absolute weakness for Deadpool is its ability to nullify any kind of healing factor, even Deadpool’s. So, if someone is able to cut off Deadpool’s head with this sword, he would instantly die.

If you think about it, when Deadpool was subjected to the Weapon X program, instead of healing his cancer, it transformed it into what you can call, a super cancer turning his whole body into essentially a tumor where every cell in his body is constantly dying and regenerating giving him his healing factor.

Now, in the world of comic books, if science can create superheroes, there is a possibility that they can develop a cure for Cancer as well. Since Deadpool is essentially, a cancer tumor, there is a possibility that with this cure, Deadpool can eventually be killed.

Some of you might find it weird but one of the greatest weaknesses of Deadpool is none other than the Mad Titan, Thanos. The experiments conducted on Deadpool gave him regenerative abilities, but they did not make him unkillable. His immortality comes from a curse put on Deadpool by Thanos, giving him eternal life. So, if Thanos can make him immortal, he can also make Deadpool mortal and capable of being killed just like in the 2015 comic mini-series ” Deadpool Vs. Thanos” where Thanos lifted this curse from Deadpool, making him a mortal once again.