There’s a ‘Nothing-inspired’ Dialer App in Town; Check it Out

There’s a ‘Nothing-inspired’ Dialer App in Town; Check it Out - Apps - News

How often do you stop and think that you need a better phone dialer when calling someone? Most likely, not a lot. But, now, two Indie developers have released an app called N Dial to bring some freshness to the otherwise stale formula.

Ali Fakhruddin, the app’s designer, took to X (formerly Twitter) a couple of days ago to tease the launch of the N Dial app. He has been actively posting updates about the app on his X account. Now, the app has become available on the today for all Android users, not just Nothing Phone buyers, to install.

Fakhruddin refers to the app as, “Inspired by Nothing, by the lovers of Nothing.. For everyone,” in the comments of the announcement post. After recently, I’ve been in kind of a glyph, dot-matrix mood, you can call it. So, I downloaded the app and took it for a spin.

As soon as you download the N Dial app and set it as your default dialer, you will see the inspiration scream at you. From the dot matrix font style inspired by the UI to the red hue in the app’s UI, there’s a familiarity that Nothing Phone users will definitely appreciate.

However, this is not just for Android users who don’t own a Nothing phone, as even Nothing users don’t have a tailor-made dialer like those found on Galaxy or Oppo phones. Most devices, including Nothing phones, use Google Dialer as the default app for calls today. So, this is a breath of fresh air for everyone.

But it’s not all about the minimalistic Nothing-inspired design, as there’s a bit more to it than what meets the eye. The N Dial app also brings a cool feature to the table called Quick Notes. With this, you can instantly start making notes while on an important call. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about those notes disappearing as you can revisit the call log to see those notes attached, intact. It’s a great addition.

In addition, there’s call recording support as well, which allows users to discreetly record calls, much like Nothing’s new recorder widget. Other things remain the same as any regular dialer, like the capability to add contacts, set photos for them, and mark contacts as favorites. You can swipe up anywhere in the dialer app to access the settings.

However, the creators have a lot more planned for the app, and we also see Fakhruddin talk about introducing an in-app calculator to N Dial.

Moreover, N Dial is just the start and its makers have a lot of other such Nothing-inspired apps in the pipeline. An X post gives us a glimpse of these projects. Following N Dial, we might get to see N Notes, N Music, N Calc, N Radio, and more apps make it to Android devices soon. Take a look:

We’re pumped to see where this app goes and how the community likes it. Especially, since the app devs have revealed that the app is all set to get a major UI overhaul. The very idea of giving not just non-Nothing users but even Nothing users a taste of something familiar but different is enticing. So, go download the app and give it a try.

What do you think about N Dial? Let us know in the comments down below!