WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Tag Others in Your Status Updates

WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Tag Others in Your Status Updates - News - News

While Gen Z widely uses Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status has become one of the most widely used features on the app by the older generation. Similar to stories, it lets you share your exciting moments in life with your WhatsApp contacts for 24 hours. But it does not allow you to tag others on your status, something that you could do in Instagram stories for the longest time.

WhatsApp is now addressing this with the that will allow you to tag contacts in your Status updates.

As , the latest WhatsApp beta version on Android hints at a new option to allow users to mention their contacts in Status updates. This means that you’ll soon be able to mention specific contacts who are a part of what you shared on your status or wish to dedicate the status to them. No, your phone number will likely not be shown to others but only a username that you pick once the feature is rolled out.

As shown in the screenshot above, you will receive a notification when someone mentions you in a status. You can tap on it to view the status. The notification in the screenshot also states “You were privately mentioned.” This implies that other users viewing the post might not be able to tell who was mentioned in it. There could also be a way to privately or publicly mention users; the specifics are unknown at the time of writing.

Mentions in WhatsApp Status will be a great way to directly notify individuals who are mentioned, thus, increasing status interactivity. It will also help avoid any confusion and allow the mentioned contacts to react accordingly and reply to it.

While the WhatsApp beta is available to download from the Play Store, the feature is still under development. So it is likely that it won’t be available anytime soon. I’m excited to see WhatsApp adopt usernames and make privacy a priority, following in the footsteps of other privacy-centric messaging apps like Telegram.

You will soon be able to mention others by their username and people who don’t have their number will see whom you’ve mentioned but won’t be able to see their contact details. Are you excited about this feature coming to WhatsApp? Share your thoughts in the comments below.