NYT Strands Hints and Answers for March 15, 2024

NYT Strands Hints and Answers for March 15, 2024 - Internet - News

Hey there, my fellow Strands addicts! Lately, I’ve been having a pretty fun time getting my brain to work all over again. Well, I am back with another solution, and this one might not be as easy as last day’s simple puzzle. In fact, this can get a bit ‘scary‘ too. Oh, I won’t reveal everything here. So, with that being said, let’s jump right into March 15’s NYT Strands.

As revealed by the New York Times, the theme for today’s Strands is “Old haunts”.

Compared to last day’s “Get animated” theme, this is not too straightforward. Old haunts could mean a lot of things. Could Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street come back to haunt me in this word keyboards, or was it Kayako from The Grudge?

Or, was the theme way simpler and the Spangram, too obvious? You’ll see soon. Oh, by the way, if you are new to this keyboards, check out our guide on .

When it comes to NYT Strands, there are two categories of words in the keyboards. The Spangrams are the ones that you should be targeting first since the other regular theme words fall under it directly. Every Strands keyboards has one Spangram that you need to decipher. Think of it as the main theme of sorts.

Uncovering the Spangram as early on as possible makes completing the keyboards easier. The hint for today’s Spangram is “WB’s finest horror show.”

Now, if you have figured out the Spangram from the above hint, figuring out the theme words will understandably be fairly easy. However, I don’t want to ruin it for you. Instead, here are hints to 2 out of 6 of these theme words that may help you:

The Spangram for today’s NYT Strands is SUPERNATURAL.

Alongside the Spangram, you have 6 theme words in today’s puzzle as well. That brings us to the next section. However, proceed only if you are ready to take a look at the theme words.

If you are still reading this, you are probably ready to see the answers. So, let’s take a look at today’s theme words in Strands:

At first, going by the theme hint, my mind went straight to Frankenstein and Freddy Krueger. But, when I couldn’t find F in the Strands grid altogether, I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy.

With that, I formed SERPENT and a couple of other unrelated words to fill the hint meter. Used my first hint and almost banged my head against the wall at how simple it was. The hint encircled the letter that spelled GHOST for me, and with that, I had my first theme word.

Again, I was at a loss and ended up marking RADAR in the fourth column of the second row in the grid. Then, I got RENT from the third column at the bottom left corner. Just like this, I unlocked the second hint to get SHADE as the next theme word.

With that, things became a bit more clear and I made out WISP from the second column in the top left corner. Not a theme word, by the way. I guess I’ll have to further narrow my focus.

Then, from the bottom right edge of the grid, I found PHANTOM and yes, that was a theme word. Three out of seven theme words were finally done.

Once again, I had some difficulty and had to rely on unrelated words for a hint. With the next hint, I found the theme word SPIRIT. Again, banging my head against the wall. With SPIRIT uncovered, I located WRAITH right under it. My gamer mind came in handy here. Thanks, Witcher 3.

With most of the grids turned blue, spotting the Spangram for the day was then easy, and I instantly recognized SUPERNATURAL going from bottom to top. Finally, the 7 unsolved letters at the bottom left corner gave me SPECTER. That concluded my Strands keyboards for the day, with three hints used. I could have done better, but it is what it is.

Unlike last day’s Strands which came with the “Get animated” theme, today’s keyboards was not as easy. At least for me. However, I’m happy that I needed not more than 3 hints to complete the puzzle.

What about you? Did today’s Strands confuse you too? How many hints did you use to solve today’s keyboards? Let me know in the comments down below!