Apple Vision Pro Might Be Ready for a Global Launch, Starting with These Nine Countries

Apple Vision Pro Might Be Ready for a Global Launch, Starting with These Nine Countries - News - News

is currently available exclusively in the United States and nowhere else. Apple already said its mixed-reality headset will be available in more countries by the end of 2024, but it didn’t provide any region names or timing. Interestingly, the visionOS code gives us an idea about Vision Pro’s international expansion.

Based on the code , Apple is likely to add 12 new languages to the Vision Pro’s virtual keyboard. Currently, Apple’s mixed-reality headset only supports English (US) and no other language. This is obvious because the device is currently exclusive to the United States. To bring Vision Pro to more countries, it should support more languages too. And, this is what Apple seems to be doing. It’s gearing up to expand to support additional languages.

According to MacRumors, visionOS code indicates that the virtual keyboard and autocorrect will soon support the following languages:

This gives us a strong indication of which countries Apple will launch the Vision Pro next. The list includes China, Germany, Australia, France, Canada, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and the UK. Other than these, Taiwan and Hong Kong might also be possible candidates.

Bear in mind, that it doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple will launch the Vision Pro in all of these regions at once.

Earlier this year, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that Apple launched Vision Pro exclusively in the US due to limited initial supply. The tech giant wanted to ensure a smooth launch and sales process in the US, as the headset requires the customer to find their ideal fit and prescription lenses. That said, Kuo also reported that Apple has plans to sell Vision Pro in more countries before WWDC 2024 when it’s likely to introduce visionOS 2.