This Minecraft Player Beat the Warden with No Armor, Weapons, or Totems in Hardcore Mode

This Minecraft Player Beat the Warden with No Armor, Weapons, or Totems in Hardcore Mode - Gaming - News

The is the strongest non-boss mob in all of Minecraft. It’s meant to be avoided at all costs when visiting the . However, this poses a challenge to players who love achieving crazy things in this keyboards. Today, we will be taking a look at one such crazy feat as a Minecraft player has managed to not only kill the Warden but do it without any weapons, armor, or totems of undying in hardcore mode.

Minecraft player and Reddit user recently posted a video of them beating the Warden completely legit with no weapons, armor, or totems in the hardcore mode. This was possible thanks to lots of splash potions.

The Warden moves extremely quickly, so the main potion they use is the slowness one, which makes the fight significantly easier. The other potion the Redditor used is the weakness potion, so when it does eventually shoot the supersonic attack, it’ll deal less damage.

Moreover, the player has already used potions of speed and strength to ensure fast movement and maximum damage from their end. The resistance II effect is provided by the beacon. Whereas the absorption effect is applied when you eat a golden apple. See the action for yourself right here:

As you can see, TacticalSlyme already prepared a bunch of golden apples that also provide a short regeneration effect. During the fight, this player keeps jump-critting the Warden to deal as much damage as possible. When the Warden shoots the sonic attack, he makes sure to keep his health topped off with healing potions. He also regularly splashes the Warden with slowness potions.

After about a minute, this Minecraft player manages to take down the Warden with no armor or weapons or totems equipped in the hardcore mode. Now, isn’t that crazy? This strategy probably took some time to perfect and TacticalSlyme did a great job. Kudos!

With that, what do you think about this epic Warden kill? Do you think you can do it faster or differently? Share with us in the comments below!