How to Watch the Fate Anime Series in Order (2024)

How to Watch the Fate Anime Series in Order (2024) - Anime - News

Several anime series, such as the Monogatari and Fate series, have a disjointed watch order. Viewers frequently lose their minds over how to begin watching these perplexing yet lovely anime shows. So, today, I bring you this simple watch order guide to help you make sense of the awesome Fate anime series.

Many studios have adapted the Fate light and visual novels, releasing several anime shows, movies, OVAs, spin-offs, and more. The critically acclaimed Ufotable (the studio behind Demon Slayer) has been adapting the series, which is one of the key reasons it has gained more popularity. As a result, if you’re looking to dive into the Fate world and aren’t sure where to begin, we have you covered. In this guide, we have listed the release order and the chronological watch order.

The Fate series contains several anime, movies, spin-offs, and other media, each with its own tale. Nonetheless, the popular Fate series’ core premise is – “A universe in which Magus (Masters) call Servants and Spirits to fight in a performance-royale-style conflict for the Holy Grail.” So, we shall see many characters performance it out to be successful and obtain the Holy Grail.

As a result, the main anime concentrates on the plotline mentioned above. Apart from that, several movies, OVA, ONA, TV specials, and spin-offs contain Slice of Life, Alternative Universe, humorous spin-offs, and other stories that explore the fun side of characters and alternate endings of the main plot.

Now that you know the storyline, it’s time to take a look at the complete library of the Fate Series. We have curated this table with the content released under the Fate series separated by their type. Furthermore, this library is arranged in the order of release date. So, if anyone wants to watch the Fate anime series based on the release order, here you go:

Another question that might pop up in your mind when it comes to watching order is whether to follow the release order or the chronological order. But it’s simple when the fandom of Fate was questioned with this same question, the fans split into two.

Many preferred that the newcomers watch the Fate series based on the release order. Once they complete that, they can re-watch the series in chronological order. But many also recommended that newbies start in chronological order to understand the story and characters better.

Now that you heard the answers from both sides, it’s totally up to you to watch in any one of the two orders. But, I prefer the release order too since I’ve been following the anime series for a long time. As we’ve already mentioned the release order above, we will focus on the chronological watch order in the section below.

For the best viewing experience, the chronological order of the Fate anime series is:

The above order concludes the main plotline with a slice-of-life story to chill at the end. Now, it’s time to look at the alternate universe stories of the Fate/ Grand Order series, which are as follows:

This concludes the parallel-universe stories taking place in the Fate series. It’s time to put an end to the watch order with all the other extra spin-offs that you can watch in any order as you like so that you can have a great time with your favorite characters.

Huge credits to Reddit user u/Ownsin who has compiled a simple guide to the Fate series. You can check out his guide , where the fans have mentioned it to be the best possible guide one should follow if you want to check out all the visual novels, games, anime, manga, etc. So you can make use of that in case you want to see everything related to the Fate series.