Samsung Teases Next-Gen Copilot Coming to Windows 11

Samsung Teases Next-Gen Copilot Coming to Windows 11 - News - News

Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 Series Introduces Next-Gen Copilot with Deeper Android Integration

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Book4 series laptops have hit the market, featuring new processors. Intriguingly, a recent Snapdragon X Elite benchmark appeared on Geekbench, running on Samsung’s upcoming laptop. But the most exciting revelation came when Samsung officially announced the next-gen Copilot coming to Windows 11, with deeper integration with Android phones.

Personalized ai Assistance and Seamless Communication

The product pages for the Galaxy Book4 series now showcase infographics for the updated Windows Copilot. The new Copilot promises “Stay on task, stay in touch with ai assistance” by offering personalized ai assistance. It can summarize your messages from your Android phone and even send text messages directly from your PC. Furthermore, you can manage tasks on your PC, copy a link from a message on your Android phone, and ask Copilot to remind you about a task or a message.

Additionally, Copilot can copy an email address from your Android phone and help you write an email using Copilot before sending it via Outlook. These new features for Copilot, which we have not seen before, will require linking your Galaxy phone to take advantage of them.

Exclusive to Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 Series or a Windows 11 Feature?

Samsung states that these advanced Copilot features will be “Available on the Galaxy Book4 Series starting in Spring 2024.” This implies that personalized ai experiences via Copilot might be exclusive to Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 series laptops. However, Microsoft could potentially release the next-gen Copilot with these features for all Windows 11 devices in the future.

A More Useful and Meaningful Copilot

Historically, Windows Copilot has been criticized for lacking significant features beyond a chatbot. However, this is changing with Microsoft’s efforts to develop deeper integration with Windows 11. The upcoming Copilot improvements are an encouraging step in this direction.

Stay tuned as we explore more about the upcoming “City’s Edge” update, releasing in the second half of 2024 with the new processor. We will bring you the latest information on Copilot and its innovative features as they become available.