Elon Musk Says xAI to Open-Source Grok This Week

Elon Musk Says xAI to Open-Source Grok This Week - News - News

Elon Musk’s ai Startup, xAI, to Open-Source Large Language Model Grok

In an unexpected development, Elon Musk’s ai startup, xAI, has announced that it will open-source its large language model, Grok, this week. The model was introduced in November last year and is currently available to Premium+ subscribers ($16 per month) on X (formerly Twitter). Following OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT, Grok was presented as a response, but its performance has not been impressive yet.

Musk’s Vision and the Need for Improvement

Elon Musk is known for his opposition to aggressive guardrails that limit ai models from addressing sensitive topics. With Grok, Musk aims to realize his vision of an ai chatbot that doesn’t shy away from answering political or controversial questions. However, the model has been reported to hallucinate frequently and leaned more towards the left politically, which Musk has expressed disagreement with.

Open-Source Community to Steer Grok’s Improvement

Meta has taken the lead in open-sourcing ai models, with Meta ai releasing Llama 2 and Google introducing TinyBERT. If xAI decides to release the Grok ai model under a reasonable open-source license, it could drive significant improvement within the community for various use cases.

Commercial Usage and Open-Source

It is uncertain whether xAI will release Grok with minimal restrictions for commercial usage. For instance, Llama 2 requires apps and services to obtain a special license if their user base exceeds 700 million monthly users. Similarly, xAI might impose similar restrictions for commercial usage.

Open-Sourcing Grok and the Future of ai

Recently, there has been a heated debate between Sam Altman and Elon Musk over OpenAI’s decision to become a closed-source company. Musk threatened a lawsuit, which he later dropped if OpenAI changed its name to “ClosedAI.” In line with this, Elon Musk’s decision to open-source Grok might solidify his stance on the future of open-sourcing ai technologies.