You Can Now Edit and Modify Google Gemini Responses; Here’s How

You Can Now Edit and Modify Google Gemini Responses; Here’s How - Entertainment - News

New Update for Google’s ai Chat Tool, Gemini: Customize Responses to Suit Your Preferences

Google has recently rolled out an update for its ai chat tool, Gemini. This new feature enables users to modify and regenerate responses based on their preferences. Currently, Gemini only supports the English language.

Customizing Your Responses with Gemini

With this update, users can now customize their responses by selecting a specific portion and modifying it using custom instructions as a prompt. Users also have the option to alter responses without any specific instruction, making the selected text shorter, longer, or regenerating it automatically.

Limited Modification Options on Gemini’s Web App

Although the ability to modify a selected part of a response is currently only available on the Gemini web app, users can still make modifications when using the mobile app. However, it’s important to note that choosing any one of the modification options will change the entire response instead of just the selected portion.

Limitations and Common Reasons for “Gemini Couldn’t Do That” Error

While this feature offers more control over the creative process, it does come with some limitations. Users may encounter the “Gemini couldn’t do that” message at times. Google has outlined some common reasons for this error:

1. The instruction is too complex or ambiguous
2. The model doesn’t have enough context to generate an accurate response
3. The instruction goes against the model’s guidelines
4. The model is unable to understand the instruction due to formatting issues or typos.

For more information about this feature and its dos and don’ts, users can check out Google’s official resources.

Gemini Update: More Control Over Your Creative Process

According to Google, the update was intended to “give you more control over your creative process.” With this new feature, users can now generate responses tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This update is now available for everyone to try out. Please share your thoughts about it in the comments below.