How to Zoom Out on Mac [2024 Guide]

How to Zoom Out on Mac [2024 Guide] - Mac - News

How to Zoom In and Out on a Mac: Exploring Different Methods

When using your Mac, you might encounter situations where you need to enlarge the content on your screen or adjust the view for a better perspective. Zooming in and out is an essential feature that comes in handy for various tasks, such as reading lengthy documents or examining images in detail. In this article, we’ll discuss the common ways to zoom in and out on a Mac for different scenarios.

Zooming In and Out on Specific Windows or Applications

If you’ve opened multiple windows and wish to focus on a specific app window, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Zoom Out

Command + “-”

Press and hold the Command key and keep pushing the “-” key to zoom out.

Zoom In

Command + “+”

Press and hold the Command key and press the “+” key to zoom in.

Using Your Trackpad

Another quick and efficient method for zooming in and out is by using your trackpad:

Zoom Out

Place two fingers on the trackpad and pinch them together.

Zoom In

Place two fingers on the trackpad and spread them apart.

Zooming in and Out Entirely on Mac

When you want to adjust the screen’s view for your entire desktop, follow these steps:

Go to System Settings > Accessibility > Display > Zoom

Enable the “Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom” option

Now, you can toggle zoom on and off, as well as zoom in and out using keyboard shortcuts.

Adjusting Image Smoothness

If the zoomed images don’t appear clear, use the following keyboard shortcut to adjust their smoothness:

Option + Command + \

Zooming with a Mouse or Magic Mouse

For users preferring to use a mouse, follow these steps:

Enable Scroll Gesture

Go to System Settings > Mouse > Scroll Direction

Check the “Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom” option

Zooming Out

Press a modifier key (Shift or Control) and scroll down.

Using a Touch Bar

For Macs with a physical Touch Bar, touch and hold the Touch Bar, then slide your finger back and forth to zoom in and out.

If your Mac doesn’t have a Touch Bar, enable a virtual version at the bottom of your screen to use as a zoom shortcut.

Zooming with a Touch Bar or Trackpad (Entire Screen)

For the entire screen:

Tap on the trackpad or touch and hold the Touch Bar to zoom in.

To zoom out, tap or swipe up on the trackpad or lift your finger off the Touch Bar