Honkai Star Rail First Anniversary Event Rewards Revealed in a New Leak

Honkai Star Rail First Anniversary Event Rewards Revealed in a New Leak - News - News

Title: Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Anniversary Update: Exciting Leaks and Anticipated Rewards

Get ready for an unforgettable experience in Honkai Star Rail (HSR) 2.1! This upcoming update, coinciding with the keyboards’s first anniversary, promises to be one of the most significant in HSR’s history. Let’s explore what leaks have revealed about the anticipated rewards!

Leaked Anniversary Event Rewards:

Recent leaks suggest that the HSR 2.1 anniversary event will offer an impressive total of 940 stellar Jades, a new Astral Express-themed Phone Wallpaper, and Pom-Pom’s profile avatar. The 940 stellar Jades are for reaching specific milestones in the HSR anniversary event, opening up the possibility of even more rewards!

Mysterious Ticket Event:

An intriguing leak has surfaced about an upcoming “Ticket Event,” but the details are vague. Tickets and passes are often linked to character pulls, so we might be in for a surprise with the 2.1 version!

Game of Cosmodyssey:

The HSR 2.1 anniversary event may also include a new keyboards called “Game of Cosmodyssey.” Although we know little about it, the periodic dice refreshes sound intriguing!

Additional Events and Hanu Minigames:

Rumors suggest that HSR 2.1 will have more events, including additional Hanu minigames. Hanu’s new mini-keyboards reportedly features Rocket Launchers, making it an exciting addition!

Free Pulls and Redeem Codes:

The generosity doesn’t stop there! HSR 2.1 is rumored to grant 20 free pulls, with the daily login Gift of Odyssey and check-in events providing additional opportunities to earn stellar Jades. Redeem codes are another way to secure some free stellar Jades – keep an eye out for those!

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