Helldivers 2 Gets a New Warbond; New Weapons and Armor Introduced

Helldivers 2 Gets a New Warbond; New Weapons and Armor Introduced - News - News

Title: New “Cutting Edge” Warbond Introduces Experimental Weapons and Armor in Helldivers 2

In the ongoing performance against Terminids and Automatons in Helldivers 2, Arrowhead Studios understands that players require more than just determination to prevail. To assist, the brilliant minds of Super Earth have devised a new Warbond named “Cutting Edge.” Let’s delve into this exciting update below!

Three New Experimental Armor Sets:

The Cutting Edge Warbond introduces an intriguing array of three unique experimental armor sets. These include the EX-03 Prototype 3, EX-16 Prototype 16, and EX-00 Prototype X, which all boast a distinctive rugged appearance. Based on images, these armor sets may be classified as light, medium, or heavy.

New Weapons in the Arsenal:

This Warbond grants access to an impressive collection of three new brand-new weapons. Players can expect a laser rifle named LAS-16 Sickle, a plasma shotgun referred to as SG-80 Punisher Plasma, and an ARC-12 Blitzer shockgun. Additionally, players receive a LAS-7 Dagger laser handgun and a G-23 Stun grenade to complement their arsenal.

A Shift Towards the Automaton Battlefield:

The new Warbond appears to cater more towards the Automaton battlefield, as most of the upcoming weapons exhibit properties that can disrupt enemies from the rogue robot faction. Nevertheless, this new Warbond is sure to add an edge to the ongoing fight on Tien Kwan.

Launch Date and Availability:

The new Warbond was officially announced through the PlayStation blog and will be available for both PS5 and PC versions of Helldivers 2 on March 14. Similar to previous Warbonds, players can purchase it using Super Credits. Arrowhead Studios has confirmed that the Warbond will not expire, eliminating the fear of missing out and allowing players to make their purchase at their convenience.

Your Thoughts:

What are your opinions on the new Warbond? Do you plan on acquiring Super Credits and getting it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!