All Wolf Variants in Minecraft and Where to Find Them

All Wolf Variants in Minecraft and Where to Find Them - Gaming - News

Discovering and Taming All 8 New Wolf Variants in Minecraft: A Comprehensive Guide

Minecraft’s wolf population is about to get more diverse as the upcoming update introduces eight new wolf variants. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through how to locate each of these wolves, their appearances, taming methods, breeding techniques, and the usage of wolf armor on your tamed companions.

Pale Wolf (Taiga)

The common pale wolf, also known as the regular wolf, has a mostly white coat with some darker details. Pale wolves can only be found in taiga biomes and will spawn in groups of four.

Woods Wolf (Forest)

The woods wolf is the most common variant and has a mostly dark brown coat with cream-colored socks on all legs. They spawn in regular forest biomes.

Ashen Wolf (Snowy Taiga)

Ashen wolves have a purplish coat with white to bluish faces and legs. They are exclusive to the snowy taiga biomes.

Black Wolf (Old Growth Pine Taiga)

The black wolf sports a completely black coat and appears in smaller packs of 2-4 wolves. Black wolves are exclusive to old growth pine taiga biomes, where giant spruce trees have leaves only at the top.

Chestnut Wolf (Old Growth Spruce Taiga)

Chestnut wolves have a cream-colored coat with darker spots, and their faces, paws, and tails are significantly darker. You can find this variant in old growth spruce taiga biomes where giant spruce trees have leaves covering much more of the trunk than in the old growth pine taiga biome. They also spawn in smaller packs of 2-4 wolves.

Rusty Wolf (Sparse Jungle)

The rusty wolf has an orange-reddish coat and white ears, snout, and paws. This beautiful variant can be found only in the sparse jungle biomes in packs of 2-4 wolves.

Spotted Wolf (Savanna Plateau)

The spotted wolf boasts a unique coat with blue, orange, and white colors. This rare variant only spawns in the savanna plateau biome, where their packs consist of 4-8 wolves.

Striped Wolf (Wooded Badlands)

The striped wolf has a bright cream and yellowish coat with lots of darker stripes across its body. Its face, paws, and tail are also darker in color. These hyena-like wolves spawn in the wooded badlands biome in packs of 4-8 wolves.

Snowy Wolf (Grove)

The snowy wolf has a white coat with some purplish and blueish details. It is the rarest of all wolf variants, as it spawns alone in grove biomes.

Taming and Breeding Wolves

The process to tame a wolf remains the same for every variant. To do this, walk up to a wild wolf and use bones on it. Each bone has approximately a 33% chance of taming the wolf, so the number of bones required is random. For more detailed information on the taming process, please refer to our dedicated guide.

Breeding wolves allows you to duplicate them for various purposes. To breed two tamed wolves, use any type of meat (cooked or raw) on both. They will display heart particles above them and get close to each other. After a few seconds, a new baby wolf will appear with a collar equipped. If you breed two wolves of the same variant, the offspring will have the same appearance as one of the parents. However, if you breed two different variants, the new baby wolf will adopt the appearance of one of the parents.

Equipping Wolf Armor

To equip wolf armor, you need six leather and a diamond or netherite helm. Follow the steps in our dedicated guides on crafting and enchanting the armor for more details. Once you create the wolf armor, approach a tamed wolf and use it on the wolf. It will automatically equip the item. This armor absorbs damage from most sources and loses durability over time. The state of the wolf armor is indicated by the cracks in the armor’s texture. More cracks mean more damage absorbed, which means less durability. Luckily, you can repair the wolf armor using armadillo scutes on a tamed wolf with damaged wolf armor.


With the Minecraft 1.21 update, wolves have received significant improvements, and these new variants add a fresh twist to your gaming experience. So, which wolf variant is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!