Soon You’d Be Able to Unlock Your Tesla Using Your Apple Watch Natively

Soon You’d Be Able to Unlock Your Tesla Using Your Apple Watch Natively - News - News

Title: Exciting Times Ahead: Tesla and Apple Watch – Unlocking Your Car with a Watch!

The convenience of unlocking your Tesla with an iPhone is undeniably cool. However, what happens when your phone dies, leaving you stranded without access to your vehicle? Elon Musk may have the solution – unlocking Teslas using an Apple Watch!

A Tesla owner posed a question on Twitter, asking if it was possible to control their car via an Apple Watch. Musk responded with a simple “Sure,” sparking excitement among the Tesla community.

Although details are scarce, it’s clear that the demand for a Tesla app on Apple Watch is long overdue. While third-party apps such as “Tesla for Apple Watch” and “CarConnect” offer some control, native support is still missing.

Assuming Tesla does indeed create an official app, it could offer features such as unlocking your car, remote starting, and preconditioning the cabin. However, these are just assumptions based on existing third-party apps. Musk didn’t offer any specifics about what we can expect.

Two potential scenarios emerge from this announcement: full-fledged key support on the Apple Watch and the ability to unlock and start your car remotely over the internet. While the former would be the most convenient option, especially for those with Ultra-wideband technology in their newer Tesla models, it’s essential to remember that these are assumptions.

Another feature long-requested by Tesla owners is support for Live Activities. This would enable users to monitor their car’s charging progress on their Apple Watch – a feature that, sadly, Tesla hasn’t announced yet. Rivian, however, recently added this capability and is also working on an “Apple Watch as a key” feature.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!