Honkai Star Rail Acheron: Kit, Build, Relics and Release Date

Honkai Star Rail Acheron: Kit, Build, Relics and Release Date - Gaming - News

Acheron: The Overpowered 5-star Nihility DPS Character

Introducing Acheron, a mysterious 5-star Nihility character with the Quantum damage type and a unique kit that makes her perfect for DPS builds. Though we know little about this enigmatic character, she has played an important role in Honkai Star Rail 2.0 events alongside the Trailblazer. Here’s a closer look at Acheron’s kit, best build, Eidolons, Traces, and release date.

About Acheron

Acheron is a 5-star DPS Nihility character with the Quantum damage type. She is described as an aloof and taciturn Emanator of Nihility, who wanders the cosmos with her long sword. Although she rarely engages in combat, Acheron is a force to be reckoned with.

Release Date and Versions

Acheron is set to feature in the Honkai Star Rail 2.1 version, which is scheduled for release around March 21, 2024. We’ll update this section with more information as it becomes available.

Acheron’s Kit: Crimson Knots and Slashed Dream

Acheron’s kit, called Crimson Knots and Slashed Dream, is a powerful combination. Her Ultimate ability can be used when the Slashed Dream count reaches 9. Enemies marked with Crimson Knots take increased damage from Acheron’s Ultimate. Acheron can gain Slashed Dream and inflict Crimson Knot stacks by using her Skill or when any ally debuffs an enemy.

Acheron’s Abilities: Using Her Ultimate and Skill

When Acheron uses her Ultimate, she deals Single-target lightning damage to an enemy and, if that enemy is marked with Crimson Knot, Acheron performs an AoE lightning attack. This sequence repeats three times before consuming all of the Crimson Knots and unleashing a powerful AoE lightning attack.

Acheron’s Talent: Reducing Enemy Resistance and Dealing Toughness Damage

Acheron’s Talent is incredibly powerful. It reduces All Type Resistance of enemies by 25% when Acheron uses her Ultimate, and allows her to deal Toughness damage irrespective of the enemy weakness type. This makes Acheron a versatile DPS character.

Acheron’s Technique: Instant-Killing Capability

Acheron’s Technique has the potential to instantly kill enemies without entering combat. The meaning of “Red Karma” mentioned in her description is unclear at this time, and we’ll update this section as more information becomes available.

Best Build for Acheron

The best build for Acheron focuses on maximizing her damage and utilizing her debuffs to their full potential. To do this, she needs the right Relics, Planar Ornaments, and stats.

Best Relics for Acheron

The 4-piece Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters is the best relic set for Acheron as it significantly increases her damage to debuffed enemies. The 4-piece Band of Sizzling Thunder is another good choice, as it increases Lightning damage and the damage of her Skill attacks.

Best Planar Ornaments for Acheron

The 2-piece Rutilant Arena is the best Planar Ornament set for Acheron at present. It increases her Crit Rate by 8% and Skill Damage by 20%. The 2-piece Inert Salsotto is another good option, increasing her Crit Rate and Ultimate Damage.

Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm

The Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm, which will release in the 2.1 version, are likely to be perfect for Acheron. They increase the wearer’s attack and further boost their Crit Rate if at least one of the allies is from the same path.

Optimal Stats for Acheron

To optimize Acheron’s performance, focus on stacking as much Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Attack % as possible. Try to hit a ratio of 70% Crit Rate and 170% Crit Damage with the stats.

Best Light Cones for Acheron

Acheron’s best Light Cone is Along the Passing Shore, her signature Light Cone. Good Night and Sleep Well is the best 4-star Light Cone for Acheron as it increases her damage based on the debuff inflicted on enemies.

Acheron’s Eidolons

Acheron’s Eidolons are incredibly powerful and make her kit even more overpowered. Her E1 gives a 18% Crit Rate increase when dealing damage to debuffed enemies. Acheron’s E2 reduces Nihility character requirements for her trace and allows her to gain 1 stack of Slashed Dream and inflict Crimson Knot at the beginning of her turn.

Acheron’s Ascension Abilities

For Acheron’s ascension abilities, her A2, A4, and A6 are must-haves. Her A2 gives additional Slashed Dream stacks and inflicts Crimson Knot on enemies. The A4 ability increases her Basic Attack, Skill, and Ultimate Damage to 160% of the original damage when your team has two other Nihility characters. Acheron’s A6 ability makes enemies inflicted with Crimson Knot take increased damage.

Best Teams for Acheron

Acheron’s best teams will feature at least one other Nihility character to maximize her A4 ability. Her optimal team will be alongside Black Swan, Sampo, and Fu Xuan. Other characters such as Pela, Bronya, , Silver Wolf, or Tingyun can also work well with Acheron.

Why You Should Pull for Acheron

If you have stellar Jades, make sure to pull for Acheron as she is one of the best, if not the best, DPS characters in the keyboards. She can do massive single target, AoE, and Blast damage while breaking Toughness irrespective of the enemy weakness type. Her Technique can also insta-kill enemies without entering combat.


Acheron, the enigmatic 5-star Nihility character, is a powerful addition to any Honkai Star Rail team. With her unique kit, powerful abilities, and impressive damage output, she’s a must-pull for any serious player.