10 Best Helldivers 2 Stratagems You Should Get

10 Best Helldivers 2 Stratagems You Should Get - Gaming - News

Helldivers 2: Top 10 Essential Stratagems for Your Next Mission

1. Eagle Cluster Bomb: The Ultimate Area Coverage

The Eagle Cluster Bomb is an improved version of the standard airstrike, making it one of the most popular Stratagems in Helldivers 2. Dropping multiple high-caliber bombs on larger areas, it’s perfect for dealing with Terminid swarms. While it may accidentally harm your teammates, the occasional friendly casualty is a small price to pay for effective pest control!

2. Guard Dog Rover: Your Lone Wolf Companion

As a robotic drone, the Guard Dog Rover serves as an excellent support system in Helldivers 2 when you’re solo. Armed with a Liberator assault rifle and continuously scanning the area for enemies, this Stratagem is invaluable for covering a broad area and dealing massive damage. Keep in mind that it will eventually run out of ammo, requiring resupply.

3. A/M – 12 Mortal Sentry: The Heavy-Hitter

The A/M – 12 Mortar Sentry is a versatile Stratagem that excels at eliminating large groups of enemies, even those hiding behind covers. By firing mortar shells, it can obliterate Terminids and Automatons with ease. This Stratagem is perfect for clearing encampments or stopping enemy swarms during extraction, but be sure to stay clear of the blast radius!

4. Grenade Launcher: Upgrade Your Grenades

Although grenades are effective in Helldivers 2, their power might not always cut it. In such cases, the Grenade Launcher comes to your aid with its impressive speed and almost instantaneous explosion upon impact. Useful for closing bug holes or dealing with tough enemies, the Grenade Launcher is an excellent upgrade to your standard grenades.

5. Recoilless Rifle: The Reusable Rockets

This reusable rocket launcher, despite its name, may not look like a rifle but it certainly lives up to the “recoilless” name. The Recoilless Rifle in Helldivers 2 is an excellent Stratagem for taking out heavily armored enemies due to its extreme damage potential. Remember, the one who wears the attached backpack can reload it or do it yourself with a high reloading time.

6. Orbital Laser: Precise Power from Above

The orbital laser is a powerful Stratagem that calls down a high-powered laser beam from your mother ship. This beam destroys enemies with prejudice, making it perfect for taking out tough targets or heavily armored enemies. With a limited number of uses per mission (only three), use this Stratagem wisely!

7. Gatling Sentry: High Rate of Fire

While the Machine Gun is a popular choice, the Gatling Sentry boasts an extremely high rate of fire. This makes it an excellent Stratagem for dealing with large crowds and dishing out significant damage. Keep in mind that its continuous spinning can put friendlies at risk, so ensure you position it away from your teammates.

8. Shield Generator Relay: Temporary Cover

The Shield Generator Relay is an area-of-effect Stratagem that creates a protective dome around a large area, stopping incoming fire from enemies. This momentary respite allows you to reload or call for resupply without worry. However, it does not stop enemies from approaching, so use it wisely!

9. SH-32 Shield Generator Pack: Personal Protection

The SH-32 Shield Generator Pack is a backpack Stratagem that grants a shield dome around the player wearing it. Effective in blocking most incoming laser hits, this Stratagem can help you withstand damage and survive longer in intense gunfights. Keep in mind that it takes a while to recharge once depleted.

10. Eagle 500KG Bomb: The Ultimate Wipeout

A single-use bomb with a massive blast radius, the Eagle 500KG Bomb is a powerful tool for those going on suicide missions or dealing with tough enemies. Although it can only be used once, its ability to annihilate any lifeform – including your fellow Helldivers – makes it a must-have addition to your arsenal when facing the higher levels.

These are my top 10 Stratagems for Helldivers 2, based on their versatility and effectiveness. Depending on your playstyle, you may find some or all of these Stratagems invaluable. Remember to experiment with them and create your own list! Do you have any suggestions for additional must-have Stratagems? Share them below!