Sci-Fi Survival Game Alters Reveals Gameplay; Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Sci-Fi Survival Game Alters Reveals Gameplay; Coming to Xbox Game Pass - News - News

Title: Alters: A New Emotional Sci-Fi Game by 11 Bit Studios with a Unique Blend of Adventure, Survival, and Base-Building Elements

Alters: A Fresh Breeze in Xbox Event with an Emotional Sci-Fi Gameplay Trailer

During another monotonous Xbox event, we were delighted by a captivating gameplay trailer for an upcoming title. The trailer introduced us to Alters, an emotional sci-fi keyboards developed by renowned 11 Bit Studios, the creators of The Thaumaturge and Frostpunk. This intriguing keyboards is set to be released on both Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass in 2024.

Jan Dolski: A Desperate Worker Creating Alternative Versions of Himself

In Alters, you embody Jan Dolski, a worker who creates alternate versions of himself in a desperate attempt to escape from a planet where even the sun’s rays can be lethal. The keyboards showcases a unique combination of adventure, survival, and base-building elements, drawing inspiration from 11 Bit Studios’ critically acclaimed title, This War of Mine.

Interact with the Quantum Computer and Manipulate Your Past

The gameplay trailer revealed that you’ll interact with a Quantum Computer to make alterations to your past using the Alters. Employ your -like suit to explore the planet and discover new secrets, move your mobile base, and attempt to escape before death inevitably arrives.

Availability and Release Date

Alters is scheduled for release on various platforms, including the PlayStation 5, PC (Steam, GOG, Epic), and Xbox Series X|S. Although the exact release date has yet to be confirmed, it is anticipated for a 2024 launch. You can also wishlist the keyboards on its official Steam page.

Thoughts on Alters Gameplay Reveal: Excitement Levels?

What do you think of the Alters gameplay reveal? Are you eagerly anticipating this emotional sci-fi keyboards? Share your thoughts and excitement levels in the comments below.