Netflix Welcomes Popular Roguelite Hades in March

Netflix Welcomes Popular Roguelite Hades in March - News - News

Netflix Announces Exclusive Release of Supergiant Games’ Hades on iOS in March 2024

Netflix, the renowned streaming platform, continues to expand its gaming library with Supergiant Games’ critically acclaimed title, Hades. After a successful mobile app launch last year, Netflix has officially confirmed the release date for the keyboards.

Release Date and Pre-Registration

A recently published trailer by Netflix reveals that Hades will launch exclusively for iOS on March 19, 2024. Pre-registration is now live, allowing fans to secure their spot and be notified as soon as the keyboards is available for download. To access Hades and other games in Netflix’s catalog, users will need a paid subscription of any tier.

Gameplay and Controls

The new trailer offers a sneak peek into how the keyboards will run on iOS devices. The controls include on-screen buttons for attacks and dodges, with a total of four buttons. The visuals appear similar to the original PC and console versions.

Award-Winning Action Roguelite Game

Hades is an addictive action roguelite keyboards where you assume the role of Zagreus, the son of Hades, on a quest to escape his father’s domain and meet his Olympian family members. Each attempt results in unique experiences as death leads to starting over from scratch. The keyboards is praised for its engaging gameplay and storytelling.

Netflix’s Commitment to Gaming

It is important to note that Netflix’s entry into the gaming industry is not a one-off experiment. The platform has already acquired multiple high-profile titles, including Kentucky Route Zero, Spiritfarer, Oxenfree, and even the Stardew Valley. Netflix plans to add more games such as Katana Zero, Braid, and an unannounced Assassin’s Creed title to its collection.

Are You Ready for Hades on Netflix?

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