How to Select Multiple Files on Mac [4 Ways]

How to Select Multiple Files on Mac [4 Ways] - Mac - News

How to Select Multiple Files on a Mac: 4 Easy Ways

Moving or managing multiple files on a Mac can be an efficient task when you know how to select them all at once. Here’s how to do it using four different methods:

1. Selecting Adjacent Files with the Keyboard

This method is perfect for selecting multiple files or photos that are placed in a sequence. You don’t need to use your mouse at all:

  1. Press the first keyboard key of the selection.
  2. While keeping the Shift key pressed, press the last key of the sequence. All files in between will be selected.

This method is ideal for working with adjacent files or photos.

2. Selecting Non-adjacent Files in a Folder

If you need to select multiple non-adjacent files within a folder, this method is for you:

  1. Open the folder containing the files.
  2. Press and hold the Command key.
  3. Click on each file you wish to select.

You can also use the Space Bar or Shift key to toggle the selection of individual files.

3. Selecting Multiple Files with “Click and Drag”

This method is perfect for quickly selecting a large number of files scattered throughout your system:

  1. Place the pointer over the first file you want to select.
  2. Press and hold the mouse button down while moving the cursor towards the next file.
  3. Release the mouse button when you have selected all desired files or press Esc to deselect.

This method is similar to the old-school way of selecting multiple files on chunky computers in childhood.

4. Selecting All Files in a Folder or Location

When you need to manage all the files within a folder or on your desktop, use this shortcut:

  1. Open the folder containing the files (or go to the desired location).
  2. Press Command + A. All files, apps, and folders in that location will be selected.

To remove specific files from the selection, press Command while clicking on those items.


Selecting multiple files on macOS is a breeze, as demonstrated by these four methods. Depending on your needs, you can use keyboard shortcuts, select adjacent or non-adjacent files, or even “click and drag” to quickly manage large groups of files.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.