Best Mortal Kombat Guest Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Best Mortal Kombat Guest Characters of All Time (Ranked) - Gaming - News

Title: Top Mortal Kombat Guest Characters: A Ranking of the Best MK Invaders

Netherrealm Studios revolutionized the fighting keyboards genre with Mortal Kombat’s introduction. Its impressive roster of characters grew even more exciting with guest appearances, either integrated into the original pool or as downloadable content (DLC). Let’s take a trip down memory lane and appreciate the best Mortal Kombat guest characters of all time.

1. Omni Man (Mortal Kombat 1):
Omni-Man, the latest Mortal Kombat guest character, took the gaming world by storm. His deadly aura and impressive fighting abilities, as displayed in Invincible, translate seamlessly into the keyboards. J.K Simmons’ iconic voice adds an extra layer of depth to this anti-hero.

2. Robocop (Mortal Kombat X):
Robocop might not initially seem like a Mortal Kombat fit, but NetherRealm creatively amped up his violent side. His goofy yet enjoyable voice lines and solid gameplay abilities make him a must-have addition to any roster.

3. Predator (Mortal Kombat):
Predator’s inclusion in Mortal Kombat made perfect sense due to his arsenal of traps and gadgets. His agility and heavy damage output make him a formidable opponent, although some players might find his variations too linear.

Best of the Rest:

4. Peacemaker (Mortal Kombat 1):
Peacemaker, initially underappreciated upon release, has proven to be one of the strongest characters in Mortal Kombat. His unique skill set and fun combos make him an unexpected fan favorite.

5. Leatherface (Mortal Kombat X):
Leatherface brings a menacing villain presence to Mortal Kombat. The Butcher variation lets him fully embrace his originality, making him a worthy addition to the series despite some silent performances in other variants.

6. Spawn (Mortal Kombat 11):
Spawn’s dark voice, matching aesthetics, and capable skill set make him a perfect fit for the Mortal Kombat universe. Although his fatalities could use improvement, Spawn is one of the best DC comics character adaptations to a keyboards.

7. Freddy Krueger (Mortal Kombat 9):
Freddy Krueger’s fast combos, versatile moves, and deadly potential make him a strong fighter in Mortal Kombat. While he could use the original actor for voice lines, his gameplay and movie-to-keyboards adaptation are noteworthy.

8. Jason Voorhees (Mortal Kombat X):
Jason’s terrifying aura and signature sounds from the movies translate beautifully into Mortal Kombat. His deadly fatalities and gore make him an iconic addition to the roster, despite having three similar variations.

9. Kratos (Mortal Kombat):
Kratos, the beloved PlayStation character, made a successful transition into Mortal Kombat. His perfect voice lines, animations, and skill set make him an unforgettable entry in the series.

10. Alien (Mortal Kombat X):
Alien’s dark aesthetics and top-class animations make it a perfect adaptation of the character from the movies. The addition of three unique variants adds even more value to this guest character.

Honorable Mention:
Homelander (Mortal Kombat 1):
Though it’s too early to fully judge Homelander, his powerful abilities and interesting backstory make him a promising guest character. Stay tuned for updates on this potentially keyboards-changing addition to the Mortal Kombat universe!

These Mortal Kombat guest characters bring unique strengths and abilities to the series. Their inclusion not only keeps things fresh but also appeals to a broader audience. Let us know your thoughts on this list in the comments below!