What to Choose in Lady Beatrice’s Offer in Graveyard Keeper

What to Choose in Lady Beatrice’s Offer in Graveyard Keeper - Gaming - News

Title: Unraveling the Mysteries of Game of Crone in Graveyard Keeper: A Comparison of Endings


Game of Crone is an intriguing DLC for Graveyard Keeper, and it’s my personal favorite. This expansion offers a unique experience with spooky moments and outstanding Quality of Life features. Let’s delve into the options you have in Lady Beatrice’s quest and discuss which choice is optimal for this DLC.

The Sad Ending

To begin, we’ll cover the sad ending. After constructing the observation tower in the refugee camp, return home to trigger a cutscene where Lady Beatrice requests your assistance. Betray her trust, and you’ll obtain this melancholic ending. Here’s how to achieve it:

1. Once you have the next sermon during the pride day (purple day), interact with the donation box and receive a note.
2. Use the note to gain the new theology perk, Eloquence, which enhances your faith collection by about 30%.

The Dark Ending

Next, we’ll discuss the dark ending. After building the watchtower, the same cutscene plays, and Lady Beatrice asks for help. In this situation, fully commit to her sordid scheme. Steps to achieve it:

1. Refuse her initial request during the cutscene and help Lady Beatrice with her plan.

The Good Ending

Finally, let’s explore the good ending. In this scenario, you decline Lady Beatrice’s request for assistance. Here are the steps to accomplish it:

1. Refuse her plea during the cutscene, choosing not to help Lady Beatrice.

The Controversial Choice: Is The Dark Ending the Best?

You might assume that the third, good ending is the best because of its name. However, my viewpoint differs. Although it results in a wonderful perk and the refugees remain contented, why choose one good perk when you can have two?

The Dark Ending: The Unconventional Favorite

Despite the “dark” label, there are no detrimental consequences to this ending, apart from morality concerns. I’ve played through both the dark and good endings, and without a doubt, the superior option is the dark one.

Why? It requires investing time creating emulsions of death but yields the Industriousness and Persistence perks, which is a more desirable outcome than just the Persistence perk. You may feel uneasy about aiding Lady Beatrice, but the reward is worth the moral dilemma.

The Sad Ending: The Unsatisfying Conclusion

As for the sad ending, it’s undeniably a disappointing outcome. You don’t aid Lady Beatrice, and the refugees depart, leaving you with no benefits.


You can try each of these endings to determine which one suits your preferences best. To ensure a hassle-free transition, follow the instructions below for backing up and loading your keyboards:

1. Save your progress before building the watchtower.
2. Place the watchtower, but don’t complete it yet.
3. Sleep and save again.
4. Load your previous saved keyboards to resume your progress from before building the watchtower.

Now you’re informed about all the choices presented by Lady Beatrice in Graveyard Keeper. Which ending do you prefer? Do you agree with my assessment that the dark ending is superior? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!