Major Leak Reveals Chip Details of Upcoming iPad and iPhone Models

Major Leak Reveals Chip Details of Upcoming iPad and iPhone Models - News - News

Upcoming Apple Devices: Expected Chips and Leaked Details

Amidst the anticipation for new iPad and Mac models coming in March and September this year, there has been much discussion about which chips Apple will utilize to power its 2024 device lineup. A recent leak on X (previously Twitter) unveiled intriguing details regarding 16 upcoming Apple devices.

Leaked Information

The leak was shared by a reputable private account, first discovered by AppleInsider. Although the account has a modest following and protected posts, it boasts an impressive track record of accurate information on Apple’s plans. The text below is directly from the post:

Chip Identifiers and Internal Codenames

The first column indicates the chip identifier, while the third number signifies the internal codenames:

Entry-Level iPad Models

The first two devices are projected to incorporate the A14 Bionic chipset, debuted in 2020. However, it’s unclear why Apple would introduce a new iPad 11th-Gen model with the same chipset as the iPad 10th-Gen, which already boasts this technology.

New iPad Mini

There’s a possibility that we might see a long-rumored 8.5-inch iPad Mini, representing a significant upgrade from the A15 Bionic chip presently found in the iPad Mini 6 models.

iPad Air 2024: Apple M2 Chipset

The next four devices are speculated to be the iPad Air 2024 models featuring the Apple M2 chipset. Rumors have suggested that an upcoming iPad Air will offer two screen sizes – 10.9 inches and 12.9 inches.

Two iPad Air Sizes

These dimensions align with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch displays on the iPad Pro 2022 models. By introducing two screen sizes, Apple aims to expand its customer base in this price range.

iPad Pro 2024: M3 Apple Silicon Processor

The iPad Pro 2024 models are rumored to introduce an exciting, much-awaited feature – a 3nm M3 Apple Silicon processor. This advancement could significantly improve the device’s overall performance and power efficiency.

T8140 Identifier

The next set of codes includes the unknown t8140 identifier. The report suggests that it could be linked to an upcoming iPhone 16 series this year.

Apple A18 Pro Chipset

According to the leaker, all four iPhone 16 models will utilize the same chipset. However, the Pro models will reportedly use a more advanced “Apple A18 Pro” chipset, while the standard versions will feature binned versions with fewer performance cores.

Leak Reliability

The leaker has a reputable track record and has accurately revealed build numbers of betas before their release. Nevertheless, we advise taking this information with a healthy dose of skepticism.