Instagram’s New iOS Widget Lets You Capture Stories from the Lock Screen; Here’s How

Instagram’s New iOS Widget Lets You Capture Stories from the Lock Screen; Here’s How - News - News

Instagram’s New Shortcut Widget: Access Story Camera Directly from Your iPhone’s Lock Screen

Instagram has recognized the convenience of accessing certain features without having to open an app entirely. As a result, they have rolled out a “Story camera” shortcut widget for their iOS app. This feature was first discovered by several users and reported by 9to5Mac.

Interactive Lock Screen Widget: A Shortcut to Instagram’s Story Camera

Instagram is now offering an interactive lock screen widget with the latest update for their app. This new feature will serve as a shortcut, taking you directly to Instagram’s Story camera. Instead of having to enter the app, a simple tap on the widget will allow you to post a new story.

A Story Camera Icon Widget

As shown in the screenshot above, this widget bears the Instagram Story camera icon and resembles Snapchat’s camera widget, which functions as a shortcut to take you straight to the Snapchat camera from your iPhone’s lock screen.

Adding the Story Camera Widget to Your Lock Screen

To try out this feature, long press on your iPhone’s lock screen, tap “Customize,” and select “Add Widgets.” Scroll down to Instagram and choose the Story Camera widget to add it to your lock screen. Now, whenever you look at your iPhone lock screen and tap this widget, it will open the story capture UI in the Instagram app directly.

Conveniently Accessing the Instagram App and Sharing Stories

This feature offers a convenient way to jump right into the Instagram app and start capturing and sharing stories. It will be particularly useful for those who frequently document their lives through Stories.

If you can’t find this widget, update your Instagram app to the latest version on iOS and then check again. If you have received this widget, please share if you plan on using it, and feel free to spread this guide among your friends who post a lot of Stories.