Terminator: Survivors Game Brings Judgement Day This October

Terminator: Survivors Game Brings Judgement Day This October - News - News

Nacon Announces “Terminator: Survivors,” a Post-Apocalyptic Open-World Game Set in the Terminator Universe

Nacon, the creators behind Robocop: Rogue City, have recently unveiled their latest Hollywood-themed project. This time around, they’re diving into the world of Terminator for an upcoming open-world keyboards titled Terminator: Survivors.

Post-Apocalyptic Co-op Experience in a Terminator-Infested World

Creative Director Marco Ponte announced the keyboards during Nacon Connect with an engaging cinematic reveal. In Terminator: Survivors, players along with up to three friends enter a post-apocalyptic open world. The year is 2009, and the world is under siege by Skynet’s Terminator army. Human threats also lurk in the shadows.

Your Mission: Gather Resources and Build a Base While Surviving the Terminator Army

As a group of survivors, your primary objective is to scavenge for essential resources and fortify your base against the relentless Terminator assault. However, be aware that human enemies are also a threat in this harsh environment.

An Early Access Game Set Before John Connor’s Resistance

John Connor’s resistance has yet to form, so it falls upon the players to take charge and make it through in this single-player and co-op experience. The keyboards takes place before the events of the first two Terminator movies, making your efforts crucial to the resistance’s future.

Nacon Studio Milan: The Mind Behind the Project

Nacon Studio Milan is responsible for developing Terminator: Survivors and boasts a strong background in racing games like Rims Racing and TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3. The keyboards is set to enter early access within approximately 7 months, so fans might catch a glimpse of a gameplay trailer soon.

Terminator: Survivors Coming to PC Early Access on October 24th, 2024

The keyboards will initially be available on Steam Early Access on October 24th, 2024. Players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S will have to wait a bit longer for their versions as they are currently in development.

Are You Ready to Survive in a Terminator-Infested World?

With the popularity of survival games like The Last of Us, it will be intriguing to see how Terminator: Survivors fares. Share your thoughts on the upcoming Terminator survival keyboards in the comments below.