Xiaomi HyperOS Launched in India: List of Supported Devices

Xiaomi HyperOS Launched in India: List of Supported Devices - News - News

HyperOS: A Seamless Ecosystem by Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s new operating system, HyperOS, is making waves with its promise of a Human x Car x Home ecosystem. Already rolled out on some recently-released Xiaomi devices in India, this OS aims to create a seamless experience across various domains. For those wondering if and when their older devices will get the update, here’s a timeline:

Summer 2023:

The following Xiaomi devices are expected to receive the HyperOS update this summer:

  • Xiaomi 12
  • Mi 11
  • Mi 11 Lite
  • Redmi K50
  • Redmi Note 11 Pro

Already Released:

These devices have already received the HyperOS update:

  • Xiaomi Pad 5
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 7

What Makes HyperOS Special?

At the launch event, Xiaomi highlighted several aspects of HyperOS, including:

  • Interconnected Ecosystem:
  • HyperOS aims to create an interconnected ecosystem where various devices and services can communicate with each other seamlessly.

  • System Architecture Improvements:
  • The new OS comes with significant improvements to the overall system architecture, resulting in smoother performance and better battery life.

  • Improved UI Experience:
  • HyperOS brings a new and improved UI experience with many more customization options, making the user interface more personalized and intuitive.

    More Features to Look Forward To

    While the above features are just a few of what HyperOS offers, Xiaomi has promised to continue adding more until the OS fully rolls out. Some other features that have already been announced include:

    • Improved multitasking capabilities
    • Enhanced privacy and Website security features
    • Better integration with third-party apps and services

    Your Thoughts on HyperOS?

    What do you think about Xiaomi’s new operating system, HyperOS? Do you believe it sets itself apart from MIUI, and are the features it offers appealing to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.