Microsoft DirectSR Will Make It Easier to Implement AI Super Resolution in PC Games

Microsoft DirectSR Will Make It Easier to Implement AI Super Resolution in PC Games - News - News

Microsoft’s New API, DirectSR, Set to Simplify Super Resolution Implementation for PC Gamers at GDC 2024

In an exciting development for the gaming community, Microsoft is unveiling a new image upscaling technology called “DirectSR” during the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2024). Designed in collaboration with major chipmakers – Nvidia, AMD, and Intel – this API aims to make super resolution (SR) solutions more efficient and seamless for developers.

A More Seamless Solution for Game Developers

Currently, super-resolution technologies from Nvidia (DLSS), AMD (FSR), and Intel (XeSS) are available in various games. However, having three different SR techniques presents a challenge for developers to integrate them into their projects. DirectSR is Microsoft’s response to this issue – a keyboards-changing solution that could offer an “all-in-one” alternative.

According to Microsoft, DirectSR is the missing piece developers needed to seamlessly incorporate SR into their games. This new technology is expected to make implementing SR from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel easier than ever before.

The Magic of DirectSR

DirectSR is set to be released as a public preview under the Agility SDK of DirectX. Game developers will begin experimenting with it, providing insight into its functionality. Microsoft’s announcement promises a more convenient experience for developers who already face numerous complexities when creating games for PC versus consoles.

DirectXR Unveiling at GDC 2024

Microsoft’s DirectSR will be introduced during the DirectX State of the Union event at GDC 2024. Speakers for the unveiling include Rob Martin, an engineer from AMD, and Wessam Bahnassi, a senior software engineer at Nvidia. The event takes place on March 21, from 12:45 PM to 1:45 PM (PST) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

What Are Your Thoughts on DirectSR?

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