Here’s How Dune 2 Ending Sets Up Dune Part 3

Here’s How Dune 2 Ending Sets Up Dune Part 3 - Entertainment - News

Dune: Part Two’s Success Fuels Anticipation for Dune: Part Three

In just a few short days, the Dune franchise has taken the film industry by storm with Dune: Part Two receiving impressive ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. The cinematic saga, however, is far from over as the story requires a concluding third installment. So, let’s explore what we have seen in Dune: Part Two and the evidence pointing towards the production of Dune: Part Three.

The Storyline So Far: Dune and Dune: Part Two

We all know that the Dune movies are based on Frank Herbert’s renowned novel series of the same name. In the first two films, we have witnessed House Atreides assume control of Arrakis and regulate Spice production on the planet, only to fall at the hands of House Harkonnen. Subsequently, Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) rises as the Fremen leader and overthrows the Emperor, taking control of everything.

The Source Material: What’s Next?

It is essential to note that the movie series has only covered the first novel, “Dune.” Dune: Part Two picks up where the first film leaves off and covers the second half of the book. By the end of Dune: Part Two, Paul Atreides leads his Fremen warriors into a Holy War.

Confirmation from the Pattern: Dune: Messiah

Considering the pattern followed in the Dune movies thus far, it is almost certain that we will see the story progress from Dune: Part Two into the subsequent novel, “Dune: Messiah.” In this novel, 12 years have passed since Paul Atreides became the Emperor of the known galaxy. The Fremen warriors wage an intergalactic war under Paul’s leadership, spreading their desert religion and worshiping him as their Messiah.

The Inevitability of a Third Installment

With such an open-ended conclusion, it is evident that Dune: Part 3 will be made. The story hasn’t been fully told yet, and the Holy War hinted at in the second film’s ending is far from over.

Financial Success: A Guarantee for Dune: Part 3

The financial success of the Dune franchise also strengthens the likelihood of a third installment. The first film made $434.8 million at the box office on a budget of $165 million, and early reviews for Dune: Part Two indicate another blockbuster hit with an impressive IMDb rating.

Timeline for Dune: Part 3

Although no official release date has been announced, Denis Villeneuve, the director of Dune, has mentioned that work on the third installment will not begin soon to avoid rushing it. Based on the release schedule for the first two films, we can expect Dune: Part 3 to arrive between late 2026 and mid-2027.

Stay Tuned!

In conclusion, while we wait for the next installment in the Dune saga, stay tuned for any new updates or developments. The journey is far from over!