New ‘Paranormal Activity’ Video Game Revealed by the Mortuary Assistant Team

New ‘Paranormal Activity’ Video Game Revealed by the Mortuary Assistant Team - News - News

Decade-Old Paranormal Activity Horror Franchise Gets Its First Video Game

For over a decade, the Paranormal Activity series has been a staple in the cult horror genre. Despite its popularity among cinema enthusiasts, the franchise has yet to venture into the Website video integration keyboards world. That’s all about to change as Darkstone Digital and DreadXP announce their collaboration on a new title: Paranormal Activity: Found Footage.

High Expectations with Darkstone Digital’s Involvement

Darkstone Digital, known for its work on the critically acclaimed horror keyboards The Mortuary Assistant, is leading the development team. With this pedigree, fans have high hopes for Paranormal Activity: Found Footage. DreadXP also shared a teaser trailer on YouTube to give us a taste of the keyboards’s atmosphere, reminiscent of the found footage style that Paranormal Activity is renowned for.

Collaboration Set to Release in 2026

Paramount’s Paranormal Activity horror franchise is reportedly slated for a release in 2026. DreadXP stated that the keyboards would likely be available across multiple platforms, although no official confirmation has been given as of now. Previously, a VR Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul was released in 2017 for PS4 and PC with a different creator, resulting in mixed reviews.

Brian Clarke Leads Paranormal Activity: Found Footage Development

Co-director for DreadXP and creative director for DarkStone Digital, Brian Clarke, is leading the development team. The keyboards will feature a “Haunt System,” allowing for dynamic changes in scares based on players’ actions, in addition to its signature found-footage gameplay.

Thrilling Opportunity for Fans and Horror Enthusiasts

Paranormal Activity, which first emerged in 2007, has been a cult classic among horror movie fans. DreadXP producer Patrick Ewald described this collaboration as an exciting opportunity to bring the world of Paranormal Activity to gamers everywhere. Clarke further added that as a horror lover who has recently experienced other games, he couldn’t wait for a well-executed Paranormal Activity keyboards. What are your thoughts on this new collaboration? Share in the comments below.