Meta Orion AR Smart Glasses Reportedly in the Works; Demo on the Way!

Meta Orion AR Smart Glasses Reportedly in the Works; Demo on the Way! - News - News

Meta’s Next Big Move: Meta Orion, the Company’s First “True” AR Glasses

If Mark Zuckerberg’s demo of Meta CEO at Apple’s Vision Pro left you thinking that’s all Meta has in store, think again. The tech giant is working on something much more groundbreaking – Meta Orion, the world’s first “true” AR glasses.

What is Meta Orion?

According to recent reports from Business Insider, a demo of the Meta Orion might be unveiled at the Meta Connect event in 2024. For those not in the know, the Meta Connect 2023 event took place last September.

A New Era of AR Glasses

Don’t mistake the upcoming Meta Orion for Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses. While Meta has already made a foray into AR glasses with its Ray-Bans, the Orion is expected to be vastly different. This shift might be due to Meta’s mixed reality approach with its latest Meta Quest 3 headset, which supports both AR and VR experiences.

The Future of AR Glasses: Comfortable and Constantly Connected

VR glasses aren’t meant for everyday wear. They’re bulky and can be uncomfortable. Meta aims to change that with the Orion by creating AR glasses that replace your smartphone. This would mean a constant connection without the need for frequent checks, making day-to-day life more convenient.

The Evolution of AR Glasses: 8 Years in the Making

Meta has been working on the Orion for eight years, and their plans for this device are ambitious. During last year’s Meta roadmap presentation, Alex Himel (Meta’s Vice President for AR), revealed that the Orion will be made available to Meta employees in 2024 for internal testing. However, it won’t be released to the public until 2027.

The Capabilities of Meta Orion

While it’s too early to predict the exact features, we can expect the Orion to bring functions similar to Brilliant Labs’ Frame ai glasses. This might include eye tracking to identify things you look at, accessing the internet, or acting as a live translator. Imagine having a mini ai computer resting on your nose and ears, all without feeling even close to the weight of the Apple Vision Pro.

The Future of Meta: A Stable Ecosystem of Connected Products

Lastly, you can expect the Orion to integrate seamlessly with Meta ai. It will serve as an add-on device for those already in the Meta ecosystem. Meta’s ultimate objective appears to be creating a stable ecosystem of products that connect and maximize their potential.

Are You Ready for the Meta Orion?

The demo of the Meta Orion is still a ways off. But the possibilities are exciting. What do you think about this upcoming AR glasses? Share your thoughts in the comments below.