Fortnite Expands Further with Two New LEGO Game Modes

Fortnite Expands Further with Two New LEGO Game Modes - News - News

LEGO in Fortnite: New Game Modes Add Chaos with LEGO Raft Survival and LEGO Obby Fun

LEGO Raft Survival: Building a Ship to Survive the Pirate Wave

Since LEGO made its debut in Fortnite, it has been a hit among gamers. The survival features of the original LEGO Fortnite keyboards mode were just the beginning for the creators. After months, LEGO has introduced two new islands in Fortnite’s creative section: LEGO Raft Survival and LEGO Obby Fun. Let’s discuss these new keyboards modes that add even more excitement to the keyboards.

In LEGO Raft Survival, you begin on a raft with other players in the middle of an ocean. Similar to the Raft keyboards, your goal is to keep building to survive the obstacles you encounter. The sharks are not your only enemies – the Barracuda Ship, aka the pirate ship, will try to bomb you down as well. Your only hope for survival is working with crewmates to turn your raft into a ship.

You can play with up to 3 more players in your party, and you’ll earn Battle Pass XP for Fortnite while playing Raft Survival. Find the chests, build, and earn gold to construct a robust raft to withstand the pirate wave in LEGO Fortnite’s oceans.

Created using Unreal Engine for Fortnite Tool (UEFN), LEGO Raft Survival is a 3+ rated island in Fortnite that’s suitable for kids. Start your adventure by entering the creative island code below:

LEGO Obby Fun: A Platforming Adventure Filled with Perilous Paths

If you’re a fan of parkour or Minecraft parkour maps, LEGO Obby Fun is the perfect keyboards mode for you. This island is full of nerve-wracking walkways, hazardous hills, and precarious paths that will keep you focused on the journey ahead.

Inspired by classic LEGO themes, LEGO Obby Fun features 300 levels, ensuring there’s no time to rest. Thankfully, checkpoints are available to help you continue your progress even after falls. The keyboards keeps track of how many times a player has fallen, making it more entertaining for those who enjoy mocking their newbie friends.

Despite the potential for resetting your entire progress if you leave the keyboards, LEGO Obby Fun is worth the challenge. Join the fun now using the creative island code below:

Expanding Universes: LEGO and Fortnite

With the arrival of these creative maps, LEGO seems to be expanding its universe at a steady pace. As for Fortnite itself, the once-popular performance royale is now transforming into a gaming platform for diverse experiences. What do you think about these new creative maps? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

LEGO Raft Survival Island Code: 2975-0725-2749

LEGO Obby Fun Island Code: 6344-4048-9837