Chainsaw Man Chapter 156: Who Is the Mysterious Character at the End?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 156: Who Is the Mysterious Character at the End? - Anime - News

Title: Unraveling the Mystery: Who is the Savior in Chainsaw Man’s Latest Twist?

Chainsaw Man’s Second Part: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Despite some inconsistencies in storytelling, the latest chapters of Chainsaw Man manga have rekindled fans’ interest with intense suspense and gore. Author Tatsuki Fujimoto shares a similarity with Gege Akutami (Jujutsu Kaisen), as both creators put their readers through emotional wringers. Currently, Denji is bracing for another phase of agony, but relief may be on the horizon (h2: The Savior in Denji’s Time of Need).

The Mysterious Character: War or Love?

In chapter 156, Denji defies the rule of not transforming into Chainsaw Man, which lands him at Tokyo Devil Detention Center. The facility has never seen a successful escape, and Denji’s fate seems dismal after losing his legs. With the mention of “war” required to compromise this detention center’s Website security, fans are split on who this mysterious savior might be: the beloved Bomb Devil Reze or War Devil (h2: The Two Contenders for Savior).

Bomb Devil Reze’s Return?

Reze, last seen in Makima’s Special Division 5, has been a subject of fans’ speculation. Despite repeated hints of her demise from Fujimoto, she resurfaced when Makima was confirmed dead. If Reze intends to save Denji, the timing couldn’t be more perfect (h2: A Timely Return for Love).

War Devil aka Asa or Yoru

The mention of “war” in chapter 156 points towards the War Devil’s potential return. Asa Mitaka or Yoru, known for their destructive power and chaos, could make an explosive entrance to save Denji (h2: The Power of War).

Who do you Think it Is?

Fujimoto has yet to reveal the identity of this savior, but fans can look forward to finding out in the upcoming Chainsaw Man chapter, releasing on March 5. In the meantime, share your theories in the comments below (h2: Join the Discussion).