Best of MWC 2024: Wrist Phones, AI Phone, Transparent Laptop, and More

Best of MWC 2024: Wrist Phones, AI Phone, Transparent Laptop, and More - Tech - News

MWC 2024: Top Tech Innovations that Baffled the Crowd

Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Laptop:

Get ready to be mesmerized! The Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent laptop, a concept product at MWC 2024, boasts a see-through display with ai integration. With a massive 17.3-inch, 720p Micro-LED screen and an impressive brightness level of 1,000 nits, this futuristic device offers a unique hybrid environment that allows users to interact with realworld objects in a virtual setting.

Xiaomi SU7 Series:

Make way for Xiaomi’s revolutionary EV sedans! The SU7 series, consisting of the SU7, SU7 Pro, and the top-tier SU7 Max, made their grand debut at MWC 2024. These cars weigh up to 2,205 kgs, generate an astounding 673 Horsepower, and reach mind-blowing top speeds of up to 265 km/hr. The SU7 series also offers impressive charging capabilities – it can go 220km with a mere 5-minute charge, 390km in just 10 minutes, and a jaw-dropping 510km on a 15-minute charge. Xiaomi’s first car is expected to hit the roads soon!

Wrist-Hugging Phones:

Say hello to the future of mobile devices! At MWC 2024, no less than two brands unveiled their take on full-fledged phones that wrap around your wrist like a band. These adaptive display devices from Oppo and Samsung offer an exciting glimpse into what the not-too-distant future may bring for smartphone technology.

Samsung Galaxy Ring:

Experience the next level of foldable phones! The Samsung Galaxy Ring, debuted at MWC 2024, promises to redefine the concept of bendable devices. With its revolutionary design and innovative features, such as a My Vitality Score and Booster Card, this device is truly a keyboards-changer.

Honor Magic 6 Pro with ai Eye-Tracking:

One-hand usage just got a whole lot easier! Honor’s Magic 6 Pro, announced at MWC 2024, is set to introduce an innovative ai eye-tracking feature that allows users to interact with their smartphones using only their eyes. With this technology, opening notifications or even controlling a car remotely becomes as simple as looking at your phone screen.

Deutsche Telekom’s Concept ai Phone:

Imagine a smartphone with no apps and just an omnipresent ai assistant. German company Deutsche Telekom showcased such a concept device at MWC 2024, partnering with Qualcomm and MediaTek to bring this revolutionary technology to life. With voice commands and seamless integration into your daily routine, the concept ai phone represents a bold step towards minimalism and advanced technology.

OnePlus Watch Running Wear OS 4.0:

For OnePlus users seeking a deeper ecosystem integration or anyone in search of a powerful and reliable smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch is an excellent choice. Debuted at MWC 2024, this smartwatch runs on Wear OS 4.0 and offers a seamless experience thanks to its Dual-Engine tech, which combines the Snapdragon W5 and BES 2700 for optimal performance.

Humane ai Pin: The First Screenless Wearable Computer

Take a break from your smartphone and go screenless! The Humane ai Pin, the first wearable computer of its kind, made its appearance on the MWC 2024 show floor. This innovative device projects data onto your hand using lasers and offers touch inputs, voice, and gesture commands, making life easier with every step you take.

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