You Can Now Set Copilot As the Default Assistant on Android; Here’s How

You Can Now Set Copilot As the Default Assistant on Android; Here’s How - News - News

Microsoft’s Copilot ai Expands to Android as Default Assistant

Microsoft is making its Copilot ai available on more platforms, including your Android phone. The chatbot is already present in Microsoft 365, Bing, and Edge browsers. Now, the latest beta version of Microsoft Copilot for Android enables users to set it as their default assistant.

Setting Up Copilot as the Default Assistant on Android

As reported by Mishaal Rehman, the new beta version 27.9.420225014 of Microsoft Copilot includes an option to set it as the default assistant on Android devices, just like how you can set a preferred browser or email app. This change will allow users to access Copilot with a long press of the power button or swipe from the bottom corners.

Current Limitations of Copilot as Default Assistant

Upon testing the new feature, I discovered that the Copilot app doesn’t launch a floating UI when triggered and instead opens its main activity page. Additionally, unlike Google Assistant or other popular voice assistants, Copilot does not automatically listen to your voice queries, requiring users to tap the mic icon or type out their commands.

Addressing Copilot’s Limitations

Mishaal also pointed out that the Copilot app does not yet have access to screenshot content, which might be an issue Microsoft is working to resolve before its official release. The current limitations make the Copilot assistant experience less intuitive compared to established players in the market.

Joining the Microsoft Copilot Beta and Setting It as Your Default Assistant

If you’re interested in trying out Microsoft Copilot as your default assistant on Android, you can join the beta program from the Play Store. After installing the app, head to Settings > Apps > Default apps > Digital Assistant app, tap on Google Assistant at the top, select Copilot, and confirm the change.

The Future of Digital Assistants

While I’m not particularly fond of Copilot due to its sluggish performance, the improvements Microsoft makes could potentially make it an attractive alternative. With ChatGPT gaining popularity and Google Assistant facing competition from Gemini, the race to become the preferred ai chatbot among users is heating up.

A New Era of Choices for Android Users

As an Android user, I’m excited about the prospect of having multiple ai chatbots to choose from as my default assistant. iPhone users, however, are currently limited to Siri, but they can still access the power of ChatGPT using our guide.

Your Thoughts on Microsoft Copilot as a Default Assistant

Would you consider using Microsoft Copilot as your new digital assistant on Android? Share your thoughts in the comments below.